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This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021: Rishab suggested Shristhi to go with Sameer and make sure he wasn’t many crackers as if he had the way he would buy the whole shop, Sameer asked how he could stop when he himself was afraid of them, Shristhi answered he was not afraid but why he needed him He himself is very hot, so what needs them. Rishab turned to Shistri to explain that he had his free hand as if Sameer tried to be angry then he could explode him, Sameer asked what he meant, Shristi convinced Rishab Jee that he would follow his orders, he whispered to Sameer that he just left because of Rishab so he even He must not be thought of talking to him, Sameer also followed him.

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Rishab stood exclaiming how beautiful they saw, Karina said she didn’t know about both of them, but she wasn’t like Shisthi at all because she didn’t have manners to talk, she should know how to talk to boys and even family boys Luthra, Rakhi asked Karina to let him go because Shristi only grew up by the body but still a child near the heart, Rishab said that he knew he loved them all why he was very protective but he had to forgive everyone today because of that Diwali, Karina explained He was glad he listened to his advice, Rishab’s question how he couldn’t because his order was always accepted, Karina asked Rakhi to see how he always convinced him.

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This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021: Rishab entered his room quickly wondering where the charger for his laptop, he began calling Sherlin but he did not respond and even when he thought he was in the bathroom, the door opened and he thought how he heard him talk to lawyers, he assured him not Trying to free Prithvi, Rishab sat thinking that Sherlin had to pray that his suspicion was wrong because if he knew that he went to meet Prithvi, he would not leave him.

Sameer moved the demand for Shristhi’s car to forget what each of them said to each other at home and continued Shristhi answered he could not let it easily because he was not among those who believed in forgiving people but believed in revenge, And for this he will be punished, the smile smile question what he will give him, he explains him ahs to go and tell everyone who stands so he is not afraid of the crackers but he himself was afraid, Sameer began to question he would do it because he would look awkwardly, Shristi said their friendship was finished, he said he didn’t even have to try because his mother told him to not talk to strangers, Sameer suddenly stopped the car, Shristhi said it now even asked him to leave his car, the Sameer question why he should So neg TIF because he tied the car because of the signal, Sameer saw Sherlin sitting in the car so ask Shristhi for conformation, he wasn’t there I could see so say he only saw another woman, he forced him to leave.

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This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021: Prteeta and Karan sat with Pihu when he made a picture, Karan continued to look at Preela who forced him to turn red, then Preela made the heart of Pihu’s toys to see Karan, Pihu asked how beautiful he was. drawing, Preeta replied that he was the best artist, Karan also mentioned how he could also make a beautiful picture if someone allowed him, Pihu said he gave him a chance, Preela stood explaining that he needed to go because there was a lot of work work, but Pihu closed the door exclaimed that Karan wanted to talk to him so he shouldn’t leave, Karan praised Pihu mentioning that he was his best child so he had to come out and make sure no one entered Karan, he taught their daughter, Karan explained he wanted to spend time

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