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This Is Fate Saturday 18th December 2021: Prithvi explains he will take selfie with Karan which he would not be able to believe, Prithvi leans against Karan, he tries to strangle him forcing prithvi to call the constable who is able to separate them, Prithvi falls to the ground and is forced to seek his help, the constable questions what are they doing here, Karan explains he was taking the selfie which angers him and he questions how did Prithvi bring the mobile as it is not allowed, Prithvi responds he is joking because they are the best of friends, Prithvi seeks some more time but is not allowed and the constable threatens to put him in the jail, he is taking Prithvi away when he says he will come back to meet him, Karan tries to catch him however he is able to walk away.

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Shristhi and Preeta are waiting when Shristhi is really anxious as she cannot understand what it is taking Sameer so long, Preeta explains it is really difficult to get a new sim issued these days as it requires a lot of document, she questions what is worrying Shristhi as she can understand there is something, Shristhi explains she is right but there are a lot of things as she cannot understand why Preeta is so calm knowing who the murderer is because when she came to know the truth about Sherlin, she wished she could really beat Sherlin but why is she calm when they can free Karan by punishing Sherlin for her crime. Preeta says she understands and she cannot deny what she is saying as if anyone was in her position she would have killed the person herself, she knows that both her families have suffered because of Sherlin but they have to work with immense care as Sherlin is a member of the Luthra family as if they blame her then Rakhi would be really upset also Rishab would be broken, she doesnot want anything wrong to happen to the family because if they blame her without any proof then the child which with her would also be suffering so it is not so easy. Preeta promises to make her suffer for everything wrong which she has done to their family.

This Is Fate Saturday 18th December 2021: Shristhi sees Sameer coming so he asks for the mobile, Shristhi asks him to hand her the mobile because she would talk with Sherlin, Sameer however insists that he wants to talk with her because it is his plan and she must let him move forward, she tries to snatch the mobile however he stops after seeing Pammi, he tries to signal her but she cannot understand after that she is shocked, Pammi coming asks what is happening between them both and also why is Preeta not saying anything when she is standing in front of them both, Pammi explains she would react the same way when her sister wished to see the messages sent from Suresh, she questions what is happening between them both because they do not seem like sisters.

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Megha comes out when she is shocked to see Ruchika sitting in her room, she questions what is she doing in her room, she then questions what has happened as Megha seems a little distressed, Megha explains that she has done something without any planning because she blackmailed Sherlin, Ruchika questions why is she so worried as she even blackmailed Prithvi before for the sake of money, Megha responds it is not so easy as she felt something is wrong while talking with Sherlin, and even Akshay blackmailed her but what happened to him, she fears for the life of her son and herself. Ruchika promises to never let anything happen to her saying that she only desires fifty percent of the money, Megha immediately gets furious standing up, she is not ready to give a penny more then fifteen percent however Ruchika is not ready to go below forty-five, at least the agree on twenty five percent after which Megha seeks assurance from her asking if she would be able to protect her, Ruchika leaves assuring there is no need to worry.

Pammi questions what has happened, Shristhi apologizes saying she would have to reveal the truth to Pammi so exclaims that Sameer has fallen in love with Mahira, Pammi is shocked hearing this, so Shristhi explains he was trying to message Mahira which she did not desire so was trying to snatch the mobile, Pammi goes to Sameer asking what is the matter and why is he messaging Mahira, he then explains that it is because he feels Shristhi is madly in love with him, however then Shristhi says he is the one who is in love with her. Preeta thinks she has to take Pammi away otherwise they both would reveal the entire truth, she asks Pammi to come with her as Rakhi told her to bring Pammi to her, she then comes back to them both scolding them to not fight and call Sherlin.
Shristhi asks Sameer to hand her the mobile as she would blackmail Sherlin, he however insists on talking, she asks him to record it and also place the mobile on loudspeaker, he calls Sherlin who is really worried, she instead shouts at him demanding that he end the call, she vows to make Megha pay for what she has done.

Rakhi is in the hall, she questions why do both Pammi and Preeta have the long faces, Pammi explains she has some information, that Sameer is in love with Mahira, Rakhi is worried so asks why does she think so, Pammi questions if she believes in Shristhi so she was the one to reveal the truth, she then explains that she also knows Shristhi loves Sameer but is a really odd situation, Rakhi explains she believes the second love story is better, Pammi sees them both fighting then explains she feels they both love each other, Preeta is shocked to see they both are fighting once again so feels they would not have called Sherlin.

This Is Fate Saturday 18th December 2021: Sameer tries to stop Shristhi but she doesnot listen, he then holds her while she is walking towards the room and asks where she is going, she threatens to in form Preeta of what he has done but he must not try to stop her, he demands a kiss which startles her, she asks him to not talk in such a manner, he asks where is she going so she explains they were not able to find any proof against Sherlin so she is going to search her room for the proof.

Precap: Sherlin explains she is being blackmailed once again because of her child, Prithvi mentions that she herself told him Akshay has died then who is blackmailing her, she reveals it is Megha. Shristhi warns Mahira regarding Sherlin explaining she is doing a lot behind her back, Mahira demands Sherlin to reveal the entire truth as Shristhi has told her everything.

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