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This is Fate Tuesday 30th November 2021
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This Is Fate Saturday 20th November 2021 Zee World: When the pre-detail walked inside, he saw that Sandeep was not there. He then told Srishti and then they saw the Sandeep come in a wheelchair. Preeta then faced Sandeep and told him that he saw it on the market. He also told him that he did not need to falsify the injury and sat in a wheelchair. Preeta then revealed that he knew that he lied and then left the hospital. Supdeepa then told Sandeep that they needed to get money from Prithvi as soon as possible because Preela could do anything to save her family. Sandeep then called Prithvi but the latter was cut off by saying that he decided to give tomorrow’s money and told him not to disturb.

This Is Fate Saturday 20th November 2021 Zee World: Dadi became angry at Preeta
On the other hand, Dadi felt tense about the situation while Kareena tried to calm her. Dadi then said that he was worried about what other people would say about their families. Kareena then asked why she thought of it where Dadi revealed that she heard people say that Luthras had earned money through illegal ways. Meanwhile, Prteeta and Srishti arrived at the home while Kareena attacked him because of associating with his sister when the family was having trouble.

This Is Fate Saturday 20th November 2021 Zee World:Even Dadi agreed and shouted at him. Kareena then tells Preeta that if she thinks, Karan just loves her, she’s wrong because she loves them too and will listen to them. When Srishti tried to take Preela’s attitude, the last stop. Preeta then told him that everyone was tense about Rishabh and that was the reason why they behave like this. Srishti then asked Preeta if he could stay at home for the night he said.


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