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This Is Fate Saturday 30th October 2021:Then Pretail asked for Kritika to come with him when he had seen very good clothes, they both left when Akshay called someone to ask where he was because he had reached the mall and could not see it anywhere.

Preeta and Kritika both looking for the right clothes, they were shown several designs by the staff, Akshay walked in the same shop where the officers asked if he could help him, but Akshay said that he would look for himself, he then walked the shelf where he saw the critics Immediately hid behind clothes.

Prteeta exclaimed how he liked all the dresses after that he took them to go and try it, the tense critics so would look behind the shelf but the pre-detail came to him with another dress, he asked him to also try him akshay cellphone ring and them

Both were surprised, the officer came to explain how Preeta forgot his cellphone, Kritika headed to the experimental room and stopped because he took more dresses then he was allowed, Kritika then gave the clerk one of the dresses.
Akshay was surprised to see that Preeta stood in front of him, he immediately hid when Preeta turned to greet him but he wondered what he would do because now it would fall apart when he told Kritika that he was in a very important meeting. Don’t know what will happen if Preeta told him, Preura thought where Akshay Ahs left because he might think he would tell Kritika but he would not do a surprising thing.

Askshay escaped from Preeta thought that he was safe because he crashed into Shristi who was busy taking his credit card because he also wanted to buy clothes, Akshay ran from him after realizing that it was actually him, he reached for the experimental room area where the clerk was waiting with a critical dress, he asked Does he want to try a dress or he waits for someone. Akshay said how he would manage, he became afraid when Kritika opened the door so he took the dress he had chosen and ran away, the sales girl chased after him and also told Preela that some men had taken the dress he chose, girl girl points in Akshay At the reception, Preela asked him not to worry about thinking that he might buy a dress for Kritika but he was surprised when he hugged another girl, he wondered who other girls might walk after Akshay.

Shristi greeted the critics near the trial area after that he saw a dress that had been decided by the critics on the functions of the wedding, Shristi asked what he had decided for the Bachelorate Party, Kritika mentioned how he was not interesting to find it dressed for a party.

Akshay with Ruchika in the parking lot, he explained how he could escape because Preela saw him at the mall, Ruchika would fall so he took his support, he explained how both of them had to be truly careful because Preela had become suspicious of him, Ruchika explained how he was Still followed them, Akshay ordered him to walk a little faster without looking back and waited for him at the same hotel where they would spend time together, .

Preatager wondered what happened when Akshay ran away from him, he thought about how he said to the critics An important meeting and if he was at the hotel then there was something very worrying and so if he was involved with another girl then he would not let him marry a critics like that would destroy his whole life.

Akshay meets Ruchika in front.

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