This Is Fate Saturday 9th October 2021

This Is Fate Wednesday 17th November 2021
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This Is Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Nimi tells Karan to get out of the veil. Karan took out a veil from Prteeta’s face too. Everyone clapped for the couple. Nimi praised the pre-time and told Karan that he was lucky to have it. Karan boasts about himself. Rishab said both were fortunate to have each other in their lives. The women told Karan that Preta was his friend for the rest of his life, he would make a new every day for him.

Guests all headed to the ring findings ritual. Sherlin and Kritika arranged the milk bowl. Kritika was convinced they had to try hard to find the ring. Karan happily sits with Preela. Everyone goes to the Karan side to support him. Rishab and Sameer went to sit on the Prefigate team.

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Sherlin whispered to his mother about his plan. His mother said he would fulfill his promise, and his guests would be here soon.
Shristi with enthusiasm carrying a telephone to Sarla and Janki waiting for Sameer’s direct video call from the ritual.

Women instruct your partner about rituals and rules. The winning people will rule their partners for the rest of their lives.

Sameer makes video calls. Shristi is excited and thanks to you for this call. Let’s start this game. Sameer cheered for Preela. Karina Irked in this matter.

Karan and Preeta enjoy the game. Preeta announced he got the ring. The object of the object he held his hand. Both of them pulled their hands out at the same time. Dadi announced they would play the game again. Again, the pre-winning game and took the ring. Karan offensive and his team made a face. Karan challenges to play his chosen game and sends Giresh to bring the ball.

This Is Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Karan and Preeta stand to face. Karan throws the football. He said they had to take this game to another corner without touching it. Janki is worried about how he will play. Kritika says music will play and the game will continue. Both of them have to balance the ball until the game takes place.

Shristi believes Preela will play this game well. Preeta and Karan balance the ball between them. Prefine will slip but Karan hugged him. Karan teases pre-completed by pulling himself, but Preela efficiently moves closer to tightening the grip.

Both shared a romantic look. Preeta finally won again. Rishab hugged Karan while all laughed together. Pre el family is happy. Call cut. Sarla told her to let Sameer enjoy his functions, they had seen enough videos.

Karan blames that Preela as a cheater. Prefuse asked him to prove it. He said the ball still belonged to Karan and went to take it. Mahira stood there with his wrist bleeding with pieces. They were surprised to see it. He was weak walking inside and told the guests that he was Karan’s wife.

This Is Fate Thursday 7th October 2021

He rubbed his blood to his hairline and said this was named for Karan no matter he accepted it or not. He fainted. Karan holds it in his arms. Rishab told him to pick him up and took him to the hospital. Karina called Ramona to reach the hospital.
Preeta remembered Mahira’s threat that he would attack when the Prefigate life was filled with laughter.

Dadi and Karina discussed that whatever Mahira was wrong. Preeta has also reached the hospital behind Luthra. Tense Karan. Risha Rishi notice is not stable and goes to call a doctor for an emergency. A nurse tells the family that Mahira is very important because of the pieces in.

This Is Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Karina asked her to save her. The nurse said his life was threatened with extinction if he was unconscious within one hour. Rishab came there and asked what he said. Karina said Mahira was very important. Dadi asked Rishab where he was. Rishab said the mother was a little sick. Karan is tense and runs there. Rishab said he was normal, only Rakhi was nervous about Mahira.

Shristi prepared his wardrobe. He received a call from Sameer and said he was waiting for the video call. Sameer tells Shristi that the function of WA

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