This is Fate Sunday 16th January 2022 Zee World

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This is Fate Sunday 16th January 2022: Episode starts with Rakhi asks Doctor that what befell Mahesh unexpectedly. Mahesh sees Prithvi and moves towards him however he tumble down. Rakhi requests that Srishti bring water for Mahesh. Suresh advises Mahesh to remain cool-headed saying few moments back just he recuperated. Rakhi gives water to Mahesh.

Then again, Janki finds out with regards to Mahesh from Girish. Sarla additionally finds out with regards to Mahesh’s recuperation. She chooses to make sweet dish. Janki goes to kitchen and notification Sarla’s appearance and asks what befell her now. Sarla says to Janki that Mahesh know reality so she needs him to uncover reality to his family since, supposing that reality came out then Preeta can reside joyfully in Luthra house.

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In Luthra house, Mahesh checks out Sherlyn and reviews how she tormented him then he takes a gander at Mahira and reviews how she pushed him from steps and he drops the glass. He gets up and focuses at Prithvi and Mahira however before anybody sees them, they moves from that spot. Mahesh feels bleary eyed. Karan causes him to sit and inquires as to whether he is fine. Mahesh asks Karan that, concerning which secret he was conversing with him. He asks who needs to annihilate their family. Sherlyn and Prithvi asks why Mahesh acting like this. Rakhi and Suresh takes Mahesh to his room.

This is Fate Sunday 16th January 2022 : Karan asks Doctor that what befell Mahesh. Specialist says to Karan that this is the symptoms of the medication and says Mahesh losing his recollections briefly. Vijay calls Karan and requests that he put the versatile on speaker. Vijay requests that Luthra’s play holi securely and separates the call. Karan says Vijay become upset and moves towards Mahesh’s room.

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Prithvi meets Pawan and embraces him. He asks Pawan that what is he doing in Luthra house. Pawan apologize to him for coming to Luthra house without pondering the results. He says it’s celebration day so he needed to meet him and applies tone on him. Prithvi says to Pawan that he committed error by not illuminating with regards to Mahesh to him. He says it’s great that Mahesh lost his recollections any other way he can’t envision what might have happened now. He says he will not forget the past and requests that Pawan forget the past. He says Pawan is his life and for his purposes, he can do anything. He says he will seek retribution from Luthra’s for how they managed Pawan and Sherlyn.

Afterward, Sherlyn says to Prithvi that she recognize love for Preeta easily and Preeta utilizing his adoration against him. Prithvi says Preeta crossing every one of her cutoff points these days. He says now they needs to deal with Vijay. Kritika feels Vijay speculates her in Akshay’s homicide case. Preeta says to Kritika that she figures Vijay would have seen her in lodging’s CCTV film. Prithvi says to Sherlyn that he saw CCTV cameras in the lodging. Kritika says there is plausible that something happened to Akshay when Preeta assaulted him for self-preservation.

This is Fate Sunday 16th January 2022: Kritika and Preeta chooses to erase the CCTV film. Prithvi and Sherlyn also leaves for inn to erase the CCTV film. Police comes to lodging to really take a look at the CCTV film. Preeta wears burqa and Kritika mask herself as inn staff. Sherlyn lets Prithvi know that she booked a room so he can transform there and they moves towards the room.


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