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This Is Fate Sunday 19th December 2021: Pammi asks why Preeta is quiet as Shristhi is her sister soi she would know, Rakhi is confused when Pammi is constantly questioning her, Rakhi exclaims she has pain in her shoulders for quite some time so can she come with her to the room as she might need physiotherapy, Pammi thinks that Bhabhi got the pain all of a sudden but she knows there is no pain as Rakhi knows about the relationship of Sameer with Shristhi but she doesnot think they both look cute together, she even doesnot like Mahira.

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Sameer questions why Shristhi think they would be able to find the proof in Sherlin’s room, Shristhi explains she would have kept the secret near herself, but Sameer is not able to understand, he requests her to simplify it for him, she thinks of a secret then using the example of clothes asks if she would keep his clothes in her wardrobe, Sameer is still not able to understand then she mentions that such people are really afraid so would keep the proof near them, he explains that this means if he would have to hide his clothes so would place them in her wardrobe, Shristhi gets furious when he says he has understood but what would they find in her room, she says that she doesnot know because there is no clue except that they need to find something.

Megha is siting when Ruchika comes handing her a glass of milk, she advises her to not act as she knows Ruchika is in it for the money, so Ruchika responds she is very clever as she has come to say something, advising that the money which Megha has demanded from Sherlin is less then what she should have asked for, Megha mentions that she would not get greedy because it might ruin her plan, Sherlin might feel threatened and harm her, Ruchika is not paying heed but Megha asks if she has heard the story of the chicken which lays the golden egg, Megha vows to not do anything before leaving, Ruchika laughs thinking that she has no idea how much money Rishab and Prithvi can give them.

This Is Fate Sunday 19th December 2021: Prithvi is in his room when Sherlin comes hugging him, he questions what has happened so she asks if he remembers when she did not tell him about the video he got angry at her so this is why she has come to him, Prithvi asks what has happened and she explains she is being blackmailed once again, prithvi asks who is it because she herself told him that Akshay died because of her, she reveals it is someone else who is Megha, she explains Megha has the video of them which startles Prithvi and he questions if it is the same video in which they were talking about their child, Sherlin reveals they have to hide the truth about him until Prithvi’s revenge is fulfilled because she can use him to snatch a lot of things from them. Prithvi assures that they would be able to get rid of the problem because no one can snatch the happiness from Sherlin, he immediately leaves so Sherlin thinks the reason she did not tell him about the money is because people like Akshay and Megha only stay quiet for some time, but she desires that they problem end.
Shristhi and Sameer enter the room, he questions what is happening when she explains there is always a proof, she gives the example of the pot in which they boil milk as if it over spills then it lands on the stove, even if they wipe it off then there are still marks on the pot, even if they do not see it the questions arises how the milk was reduced, he doesnot understand she pushes him saying they have to search for the proof against Sherlin.

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Shristhi and Sameer are searching, she is about to take the letter when Mahira enters the room questioning what are they both doing, she explains they came to get the hair dryer as Preeta’s was broken, she hands them the dryer however they do not leave, Mahira asks if they came to steal something, Shristhi agrees saying that they came to steal something, she warns Mahira to be careful from Sherlin as they have to come to know that Sherlin is plotting behind her back, they both leave while Mahira gets nervous, Sherlin enters questioning what is she doing here so Mahira asks what is really going on.

Rakhi asks Preeta what Pammi said, Preeta reveals she doesnot know but can say that there is nothing going on between Sameer and Mahira, Rakhi is relieved explaining this is what she desired to hear because when Pammi revealed the news, she could not breathe for some time. Rakhi then reveals she has a girl in mind for Sameer, it is Shristhi, Preeta is also joyed to hear the news thinking they would make a nice couple, Rakhi reveals she knows what Preeta is thinking, they both would make a nice couple, Preeta agrees but explains she is worried after seeing them both fighting so often so fears if they would continue to fight after their marriage, Rakhi asks if she doesnot remember how much she used to fight with Karan but now they are living happily so she feels they both are a symbol of love.

This Is Fate Sunday 19th December 2021: Preeta hears Shristhi and Sameer fighting so calls them questioning if they were able to achieve anything with the new contact number, Shristhi says they have made a mistake by making him call because he can only stare at the mobile, Sameer also blames her for not being able to do anything, Preeta asks them both to come with her as they have not been able to find the entire truth.

Mahira is really angry, Sherlin replies they can end their friendship if Mahira feels she has deceived her, Mahira coming to her explains she only said what Shristhi told her, but this cannot mean she doesnot trust her as no matter what anyone says she would always stand by her as she knows this is what Shristhi desired that they get separated because then they would not be able to do anything. Sherlin is relieved thinking even after Shristhi revealed the entire truth she did not believe them, Sherlin sits on the bed and Mahira asks why she is so tensed, Sherlin reveals there is a lot going on because of which she seems worried, Mahira leaves however reaching the door turns explaining she will not believe anyone else however if she finds out that Sherlin is backstabbing her, she will not forgive her.

Precap: Sherlin asks Prithvi if he found the mobile, he reveals he has found it and is coming to her, Megha pulls out a knife threatening him, Preeta questions why Sherlin was in touch with Akshay wondering if she is involved in the murder of Akshay, Prithvi is standing when Ruchika hits him from behind with a bat so he gets unconscious, Preeta tries to stop Sherlin saying she cannot leave without removing her doubts, they both struggle so Sherlin falls on her stomach, Preeta gets shocked.


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