This Is Fate Sunday 3rd October 2021

This Is Fate Wednesday 17th November 2021
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This Is Fate Sunday 3rd October 2021 Rakhi exclaimed that Preeta was married to Karan, Ramona said that Preela also married Karan by disguising so what was wrong to do his daughter, Rakhi said that no matter the Preura situation now was Karan’s wife, Rakhi felt obsessed with him Mira. Karan is why he always tried to be nearby, he ordered Ramona to bring his daughter back home and taught him how he could live his life because they did not always get what they wanted.

Maira said that if his love for Karan was madness then he was really angry, they could all even call him angry, he said that it was unfair, Prea asked Maira to control himself, Maira said that he was supposed to be the person who controlled himself because he didn’t Some happened, he said that Priela could not speak in between when he spoke with Rakhi Maa,

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Pre el said that Rakhi was his mother and if anyone stood in his house trying to make a scene so he had a speech scene, Rakhi exclaimed that the pre-standing time was standing In front of him talked like this about her husband so he had to stop talking, Maira exclaimed that Preela had married Karan, they also accepted it as daughter-in-law he had to stop, Rakhi said that he came to the function of dressing Preura and because he all guests talked about it, he cannot let his family reputation destroyed.

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This Is Fate Sunday 3rd October 2021 Rakhi ordered Ramona to bring his daughter because it would create a storm that would destroy their home, he begged Ramona to bring his daughter, because there were some relationships that his daughter could not bear so he had to leave his house, Rakhi even apologized to Maira exclaiming that he knew Karan Promised to marry her but it didn’t know what was right, he only knew that the relationship was made in the sky, Rakhi tried to make him realize that he had to go back to his house and forgive them if they made a mistake.

Karina stepped between asking why she wanted Maira to leave home because Preela had to be the person who left home, Rakhi exclaimed that Priela could not leave because he was a member of their family who lived in the same house, so Maira had to leave, Karina exclaimed that how He could oppose Maira when he also wanted that Preela did not marry Karan, Rakhi exclaimed that he did not oppose MAIRA but he could not take Preella’s right like now Karan’s wife, so Maira could not take an oath or Priela rights.

Maira went to Karan asked why he said nothing, he exclaimed that he could not leave him and would die if they were both separated so he had to ask them all to let him stay, Karan calmed him out explaining that he was his best friend, but not the same He wants him to be happy so he feels that his mother tells the truth,

Rakhi asks Ramona to bring his daughter away, Mira starts begging for the whole family not to leave home because she will go do not leave them, Ramona tries to stop Mira but she insists, Rakhi Explain that he did not throw it out of the house but only the desire that he returned to his own home, Maira pushed him, Rakhi would fall, Dadi said that he should not do this and after witnessing his madness, he did not want to live at home, Rishab and Karan Both Really angry at him.

This Is Fate Sunday 3rd October 2021 Maira was in the room packing her clothes when she took a cloth tied to Rakhi on her wedding day with Karan, she threw her clothes, Preura took it so the question of the Mara how she touched her clothes if she couldn’t stand. He even touched his clothes, then how could he touch and dance with her husband, Maira exclaimed that she would be very happy to see that Maira left,

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