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This Is Fate Thursday 16th December 2021: Preeta rushes into the bathroom where she washes and dries the slippers, she rushes out of the room, Mahira is about to walk into her room when Sameer bumps into her, he apologizes but she questions why did he have to bump into her, he explains that she is really looking nice in the dress, he questions where did she buy the dress from because he also wants to buy one for Shristhi as her dressing sense is not good, she says that nothing would look good on her, she walks away when Shristhi questions what is wrong with her dress and if he has started liking Mahira, Sameer tries to defend himself.

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Sherlin is in her bathroom washing her clothes when Preeta opens the door, Sherlin thinks she heard the door opening but then doubts her senses, she therefore walks out to check however doesnot find anyone so thinks that it might be a mistake before going back to the bathroom, Preeta comes out of the curtain and rushes outside, Sherlin thinks that she has really heard someone going out of her room.
Mahira is walking up the stairs when she sees Preeta so questions what is going on, Preeta immediately denies that there is something going on so asks if Pammi did not say anything to her which she asked her to, Mahira recalls when Pammi said awful things about her mother, she vows that she would not let her win.

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This Is Fate Thursday 16th December 2021: Preeta comes back with Shristhi and Sameer who both question her if she has done what she came to do, Preeta explains she was successful as she cleaned the slippers which they found outside Mahira’s room and placed it before the bathroom, Shristhi asks if Sherlin saw the slipper as she might already be wearing them, Preeta explains that one doesnot wear the same slippers in the house so they have to find the truth about the murder, Shristhi decides to call her but before they are able to someone else calls her, Shristhi gets mad so when she is about to open the door, Sherlin comes out asking what are they all doing, Shristhi is really furious she therefore asks Sherlin to reveal what she is planning, Sherlin questions what does she mean as she is saying whatever comes into her mind, Preeta takes the side of Sherlin explaining that the situation has gotten really worse since the morning which is why she is taking out her anger on Sherlin, they are talking when Rakhi comes asking what is going on, Sameer says they are just talking, she explains Rishab is on the video call and is worried about Sherlin as he tried calling her but she did not respond, Sherlin explains that her mobile was on the silent mode but leaves with Rakhi, Shristhi is really mad, Preeta is forced to take her away.

Rakhi helps Sherlin come to the laptop then when they both start talking, she tries to leave, Rishab stops her questioning where she is going however she says that she has some work, Rishab inquires about the health apologizing for not being there to take care of her but is hopeful she is taking care of herself, he explains that he talked with karan, Sherlin is surprised however he explains that the inspector is a family friend he explains he doesnot know why Karan did it but before he could scold him, Karan questioned what he would do if he was in his place, he answer that he would have done the same thing, Rishab says that he told her that he loves her but cannot answer the question she is asking, she asks if this means he doesnot love her the same as Karan loves Preeta, he however mentions they can talk about it later as he has a meeting and everyone is waiting for him.

Rishab after ending the call wonders what has gotten into Sherlin as she is talking about love in the morning, he feels that he made a mistake after talking about Karan because he knows that if he ever does anything then it is because she is pregnant and nothing more.

Shristhi asks why are they holding her because they have to go after Sherlin as she is really clever and is trying to put her blame on someone else, Sameer asks Preeta to see how Shristhi is talking, he asks why is he interfering when she is talking with her sister, Shristhi explains that they have to worry about the situation as it is a really grave situation of murder, Preeta says they all know it is a matter of murder when Shristhi plans to take Sherlin and place a knife on her neck threatening her, Preeta explains they cannot act like murderers, Sameer says that he would go and talk politely with Sherlin, Shristhi and Preeta both exclaim this is not a suitable plan.

Shristhi asks Preeta to accept her plan because they have to get the confession of Sherlin, Preeta is not ready to take such a step as Sherlin is pregnant, Shristhi however asks what is the need to worry when she doesnot care for anyone, Sameer comes up with another plan, Shristhi stops him saying that his plans are not suitable, Preeta lets him speak then he says that they will call Sherlin and try to blackmail her because she will confess, Shristhi explains it is a really old plan but Preeta says this plan really works so they agree but decide who will call.

 Karan is playing with the ball in the cell when Rakhi enters from behind, she is really happy to see Karan playing, his ball comes out of the cell to her feet, she picks it up so Karan after turning is really happy to see her, he comments she is looking really beautiful and happy as she knows he would surely come back, she says that she really misses her.

Sherlin enters her room thinking Rishab was not able to resist the fact that he has started loving her as a husband, it is not necessarily because of the child, she would have told Prithvi if he was in the house. Sherlin gets a call from an unknown number so she thinks that it might be Rishab as he would not have been able to resist talking to her, She answers the call talking in a polite voice, the caller explains they have the proof she was involved in the murder of Akshay, so she must come to meet them at four pm otherwise she would land in a lot of trouble, Sherlin is shocked after the caller ends wondering who might the girl be who is actually blackmailing her.

This Is Fate Thursday 16th December 2021: Precap: Megha asks if she doesnot want to end being called the member of the Luthra so should pay her fifty lac rupees, Rishab exclaims he is feeling really frustrated seeing Karan in such a condition, karan asks why he is listening to Prithvi when he knows what he can do for him.


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