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This Is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021: Karan said that Preta was right and he was a masterpiece, he could not understand him after marriage even when he had understood each of them and everything, Perera explained this was the reason he became angry and angry because there was nothing to worry about because there was a large room with a pillow His favorites and sweet dishes if he is hungry.

Karan exclaimed that he was happy he was married to a stupid girl if there was no other girl she would shout at her, Preela said she was also very angry and would shout at her after she returned home when she knew it was a restriction of shouts in prison, Karan nervous, Preeta Revealing he was just joking, he explained that he thought the hearing court today but tomorrow, Preela revealed what he liked to sleep with any problems, Karan also said that he would sleep without him, they both began to cry and hugged each other.

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Rakhi asked Kritika to come and sit down, he explained even after what happened to him and Akshay squeezed it was a problem in himself, he was also wrong because he hid the truth of them all who knew they were tetched and had the experience of living their lives, and would Finding a solution, Rakhi asked Karina if she was right in her assumption, Karina also agreed with her when Kritika said that even after what had happened she was wrong to speak harshly with Sarla, Karina explained she had apologized to her, Rakhi and Karina both hugged her.

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Sameer and Shishi followed Mahira, he revealed there was a problem because the fuel was low in the car, Shristhi was angry asking why he did not examine him before questioning what he would do if he needed to reach an important place, Shristhi asked him to stop the car, they saw that Ruchika and Megha fighting, Shisthi wondered what might happen, he opened the window to hear and listened to that Megha forcibly pulled Ruchika, who said that he was the reason Akshay was not in his life, so pulling it to the side, Shishi and Sameer planned to follow them to find the truth.

This Is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021: Prince and Karan are in prison, the pre-asking why Kritika said the truth when he asked him to say nothing, Karan revealed he did it because his mother came to their house, he had a fight with Karina, heard Karina, hearing it, it might think that all causes were placed to him so he told the truth, Preura wonders why Shisthi can’t stop him because he was sent after Sarla, Karan said that he wasn’t even present in their home, what could Wonders Preager Shisthi did, Karina called Prteeta from behind and she came with Kritika.

This Is Fate Thursday 2nd December 2021: Shisthi and Sameer hear Ruchika fight with Megha at her house, they both in the struggle, and Megha pushed her, Ruchika threw it out of the house and when she would close the door, Shristhi and Sameer stopped it to close it, they demanded that he revealed the truth about the fight with Megha, Ruchika but insisted that they left his house and even called the police demanding that they immediately come but Shristhi said that he knew Ruchika acted as if he actually called the police they would go to imprisoned with him, he explained that he knew that Ruchika hid something and had to give know the truth.Karina together with Kritika entered the room, Preela immediately hugged Kritika, Karina called him.

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