This Is Fate Thursday 7th October 2021

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This Is Fate Thursday 7th October 2021 Preeta sat with Mahesh explained that he had come to their home and would prove his hat is his daughter, he begged him to also wake up now because he had rested for a lot of time so he had to take his responsibility once again, he got up and was surprised to find that Rakhi stood up There, Preeta said that he knew they had accepted him as a daughter in the family law because he ordered Maura to return to his house, Rakhi explained that he did what a better family and knew that it took time but was happy that what happened was to improve His family.

Rakhi sat with Mahesh in the room which explained that he also liked the Prefine and even he knew that he was not a bad girl, he also tried to love him like him but every time he tried to Preela always did something he could not bear, he suggested that he suggested Healed immediately because of this everything they want.

Preeta was in the kitchen when Karan came, he was looking for sugar called it but Karan exclaimed that he called him, he replied that he had a boyfriend who also used to call him sugar, Preela said that why he left him, whether it was because he had diabetes, Karan began laughing later went to take the apple, he unconsciously touched it,

This Is Fate Thursday 7th October 2021 Pre el became angry warning that he shouldn’t touch it because he knew that husband and wife could touch each other but they should both agree, he pulled it closer to asking how he felt he touched him, then explained that he was It would not touch it until he agreed, he then went to get the ingredients, Karan could not turn away from him, he convinced him that he would not touch it until he agreed, he left the kitchen while Sherlin hid right next to the door.

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Sherlin entered the kitchen that explained that he said that Sherlin was his eight so he had to give him respect, Pre-Prep said that he had to get respect and should not ask him, Sherlin said that he should not say so much about him because he should not say it It is younger so it must concentrate on the pudding if it won’t destroy, Preela mentions that he can say whatever he wants because Preura doesn’t care for him.

Preeta said that he was a daughter who was older in law but did not care for the family and also that he had fooled everyone because they did not know about his secret pregnancy, Sherlin tried to threaten him but Preela said his actions.

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Rakhi came to Dadi who said that he had called because someone came to meet him, Nimmi the sister of Rakhi who was shocked and amazed to meet him, Nimmi said that he was angry with Rakhi as if he did not need their family gem he would not miss him, he would not miss him,

Rakhi holds the ear that explains that he should not speak like this because there was no problem, Karan also came, he greeted Nimmi so he gave him a gift, he explained that he wanted to do it to meet the two daughters in Rakhi’s law, he said that he would first want Meet Prince because Sherlin has been married for some time.
Rakhi thinks that this means that Dadi will tell everything about Preeta to Nimmi so that they can meet Preura without problems.

This Is Fate Thursday 7th October 2021 Shristi was in the kitchen and could not find a pot to make tea, he was angry with Sameer because he did not answer his call and did not even call him back because he knew that Karina might have pressed it. Sarla was worried after hearing her call, she came to the kitchen who asked if Shristi came to make tea, Sarla found a pot and began preparing tea, Shristi asked what she was thinking, Sarla said that she thought that she thought she thought that only a few days then they all drink tea together but now Priela with other fs

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