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This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021: Akshay reached the house when Kritika asked him to go inside but he said that he had some work he had to leave, Kritika agreed to his request by saying that he would not let him go for a while and they would always be together, Kritika came out of the car and was surprised see there is a red cloth from the fabric, Kritika asks why there is a cloth that handed it from his car, Akshay was worried so he immediately came to him and began to kiss his forehead explaining how he would ensure that there was no problem and he would ensure that they live a side by side but for now He had to go back inside because if he would continue to kiss him, then he got into the car to ask Ruchika if he was fine.

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Prince and Rakhi are discussing and completing arrangements for marriage, Rakhi asked him to call Sarla and invite him with the whole family too that he should never make any reason, Preela asked if he had to invite them to invite them to be a younger daughter in family law Luthra, Preura wondered how Sarla told her not to say anything about Akshay with family because it would create a lot of problems for him, Rakhi asked what had happened and why he was worried, Preura asked about Maradam Jhago who explained that Rakhi explained how things It happened in the past that the whole family used to go at night to give invitations and to have light they would put the vase on their heads for light.

This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021: Rakhi explained how he did not like the modern method to invite the preoperial members of exclaimed how he also did not like it and now they both will fulfill all their strength. Karan came asking why Preeta hadn’t come to their room, Rakhi and Kritika would be amazed when he said that he had a headache and so he wanted him to massage him, Karan said that he was grateful for Kritika could not live without Hakshay. When he had called him for a wedding proposal and now Akshay will take the critics of their home, he tried to catch him but he escaped, Preura sat but they both asked him to go and with Karan.

The next night when the function began, Sherlin came to Sanjana and Ramona asked what he was talking about where Sanjana asked why he didn’t tell him about pregnancy, Sherlin begged him not to act because Ramona already knew that the child didn’t know Rishab, Ramona warned him not too Hard because Luthra’s house wall had ears, Sherlin asked him why he didn’t say anything about pregnancy to Rakhi even when they were good friends, Ramona asked Sanjana. Why did he not tell his daughter not to drink in this state because he would not be joked like this.

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Sherlin tried to explain how it was just a joke, but Ramona leaves in anger, Mahira asked why he talked to his mother like this, Sherlin tried to explain how he was just talking and it was just a joke but Mahira didn’t believe him that he should never talk to his mother Like this because he knew that Rakhi was no longer his best friend because Preela, he also left.

Sanjana tried to explain how she could not speak like this in front of anyone like when she told them the truth about their character, Semer them, Sherlin explained how she knew what to say and did not need her advice.

This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021: Everyone spoke when Akshay came with his parents, they all greeted with each other, Karina asked him not to take his blessings, but he hugged him more because he trusted him to become his son and not son-in-law, Akshay was looking for critics when Karina explained how he was preparing Ready for the last five hours, Dadi mentioned that he must

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