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This Is Fate Tuesday 21st December
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This is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021: Sameer revealed that they had not lost cellphones, everyone was surprised to hear the cellphone, asking the question of what he meant to Preela who was clarified that Sameer did not lie because they had not lost cellphones, at this time they should not decide what it was right and wrong, also not Blame each other but honestly he was happy that PAMMI was very caring for Karan, he also cared about him so would do anything that made him free, he clarified that the cellphone was not lost but stolen, Preeta thought about how they could not let anyone know whatever you know which actually happens to cellphones.

They were all in the hall when friend Sameer came asking him to submit a password-protected cellphone, they were tense, Sameer revealed they lost their cellphone.

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Mahira was in his room who was wondering what Karan said to him, that he really loved Preeta and cared to him, he remembered that he said how he could not say anything to Preura but could reveal it to Mahira, he was worried about what was would happen when he really said it was all for Preura after that he would fall in love with him, he had given him all the needs that could be needed every girl who could be needed but above all he gave him the name of Luthra’s family, he thought everyone Have it someone to be together but he didn’t have anyone, he wondered who Prithvi with, he became very angry so the miracle of what he could to get Karan because he couldn’t see him with him, he vowed to do anything with Karan for the rest of his life .SEE ALSO:This is Fate Sunday 12th December 2021 Zee World

This is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021: Rakhi apologized to Sohail explained that the cellphone was stolen so the service was of no use, Mahesh decided to file a complaint with the police but Kritika stopped it if he would go to the police, they would suspect Luthra’s family because they were the main suspects in the case of Akshay’s murder. He explained that even cellphone theft was a violation so he didn’t want him to go and in the form of a police, Pammi asked why he was worried because whatever would happen because of Preah, Sameer asked to join him, he asked Kritika to send two glasses of tea with Ganesh Preura leaves explained Ganesh had gone to the market so he would make tea, Kritika also went to do work.

Prithvi thought Preeta was married in a wrong house as if she married her then she would live without regret, Sherlin saw her smile so that it indicated what had happened, she left, there were some tensions.

Mahesh stood in front of Pammi who explained he had to consult with them before blaming Preeta because he was truly a daughter who cared for everyone but he could not see them in any problem, he respected him as his brother’s wife but had Preeta responded to the cause, He would not be able to respond, he left, Rakhi came to him said that he should not think of Preura’s fault because he never distinguished between his two houses so he was sure that Preela would be the only one. to free Karan.

Sameer with Sohail which questioned what was happening because now he said that they had lost cellphones but now said that they took the cellphone, Kritika came to ask him not to think about anything, pre-sadan carrying him with a lot of trouble, Sameer asked him to charge him, Kritika said They will first see such videos everything will be sorted.

This is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021: Prithvi knocked on the kitchen door calling Preeta but he wasn’t there and he thought that it was like nothing to come to the kitchen, he heard someone came so thinking it was Preela but was surprised when Sherlin entered the kitchen, he asked what happened to his smile because he felt he was thinking that Preeta will come and surprised to see it, Prithvi explained he was waiting for him because he could even hear his heart when he came, he explained he really loved him because he really loved him

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