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This Is Fate Tuesday 16th November 2021:Sameer drove a car, he suddenly stopped him, Shristhi questioned whether they had reached, he answered it showed the location of this place, Preura explained this was the same location because the doctor’s house was close, Preeta agreed to leave but when he would open the door shisthi too Trying to go, put a question where he left, Shristhi explained he could stay in the car, but he would go with Preeta because if the doctor did not reveal the truth, he would force him to speak, Preela questioned how he knew the doctor would lie, Shristhi answered Did he not say what they wanted then that meant he lied but then pre-pre-irritated with Shristhi’s behavior to hold Shisrithi’s hand, he made frustration so hits the sameer who was even worried.

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Preeta, he questioned why Shisthi was so rude but Shisthi explained that it was a coarse Sameer because he held his hand, Preera stopped Sameer said that he would not listen like this, he thought of calling Karan Sir. It’s really tense so he doesn’t want to cause any problems, the Prefine question if he realizes what a situation is like that since Karan left to meet Rishab Jee and have been tense, Shromen suggested Preela to be careful.

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This Is Fate Tuesday 16th November 2021:Prince walked out of the car to the doctor’s house, Sameer asked him to call them if he needed something, he was surprised to see the police standing at the gate to get back to the car, Sameer and Shristhi both were surprised, Shisthi exclaimed preta will come back this means something is wrong so now it’s time for the entry and he will see what happened, Shristhi walked out questioning what was happening, he tried to enter without listening to Preura but he returned as soon as he saw all constables, prala questions if Shisthi thought he was stupid because he returned like this, the question Sameer what makes them worry.

Sherlin was sitting with Rakhi, he exclaimed how he forgot to call a doctor so left without listening to the Sherlin left behind, Rishab was taken out, he was stunned to see Sherlin standing there, he remembered how he promised to live a life that was happy with him and even started a new family But in reality it was having an affair with Prithvi that he found because of the ear ring, Rishab’s round to return, he stopped seeing Rakhi back with tears in his eyes, he came to hug him. If he was fine, Rishab took his blessing, Sherlin then called Rishab, he tried to explain but he signed it to stop, Sherlin asked him to make Rakhi understand that he had left eating, Sherlin asked how he could stop because Rakhi stopped eating anything,

Rakhi questioned how with himself because he also stopped eating, Sherlin explained that everyone in the family was worried about him, Dadi took his medicine but he was not healthy and even his blood pressure was not okay, Rakhi Reques. TS Sherlin to stop, he then convinced Rishab everything would be fine when he returned, he hugged him so that Rishab was also forced to accompany him in action, he retreated smiling.

This Is Fate Tuesday 16th November 2021:Rishab questioned Rakhi why he did not eat as if he was not fine, he would also be in pain here, he had to take care of himself and Mahesh, Rakhi while crying to him to return early, he assured he would be back soon, Rishab leaves while Sherlin frustrated

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