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This Is Fate Tuesday 26th October 2021:Preeta rushed to the bathroom where he washing and dried sandals, he rushed out of the room, Mahira would walk to his room when Sameer crashed him, he apologized but he asked why he had to hit him, he explained.

That he really looked good in the dress, he questioned where he bought the dress because he also wanted to buy one for Syristhi because his understanding was not good, he said that nothing would look good at him, he walked away Shisthi questioned what was Wrong with his dress and if he had started to like Mahira, Sameer tried to defend himself.

Sherlin was in the bathroom washed her clothes when the pre-opened door, Sherlin thought she heard the door opening but then doubted her senses, because it was walking out to check out anyone found anyone

So thought it was probably a mistake before returning to the bathroom, Preela came out of the curtain and rushed out, Sherlin thought that he really heard someone out of his room.

Mahira was walking up the stairs when he saw Preeta so the question was what happened, the Prefine immediately denied that something happened so asked whether Pammi said nothing to him, Mahira committed when Pammi said bad things about his mother, he swore him Will not let it win.

Prince again with Shisthi and Sameer, both of them questioned him if he did what he did,

Preela explained he succeeded when he cleaned the sandals they found outside Mahira’s room and put it before the bathroom,

Shristhi asked if Sherlin saw the slipper because he might already wear it, Preela explained that one was not wearing the same sandals at home so they had to find the truth about the murder,

Shristhi decided to call him but before they could call him, Shristhi got anger so when he would open the door, Sherlin came out asking what they did, Shisthi was right – It was angry so he asked Sherlin to reveal what he planned,

Sherlin questioned what he said what he said what he said, Preeta took the Sherlin side which explained that the situation was really worse since morning why he took the clown I was in Sherlin, they talked when

This Is Fate Tuesday 26th October 2021:Rakhi came asking what it happened, SaAeer said they were just talking, he explained Rishab was on a video call and worried about Sherlin when he tried to call him but he didn’t respond, Sherlin explained that his cellphone was in silent mode but leaves With Rakhi, Shristhi was really angry, pre-forced to take him away.

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Rakhi helped Sherlin come to a laptop when they both started talking, he tried to leave, Rishab stopped him asking where he was leaving but he said that he had some work, Rishab asked about the health of apologizing because it wasn’t there to be taken care of him but hoped he was He took care of himself, he explained that he spoke with Karan,

Sherlin was surprised but he explained that the inspector was the family friend he explained he did not know why Karan did it but before he could scold him, Karan asked what he would do if he was in his place , he replied that he would do the same thing,


This Is Fate Tuesday 26th October 2021:Preeta said that he told him that he loved him but could not answer the question he asked, he asked if he did not love him the same as Karan loves Preeta, he said they could talk about him later because of him have a meeting and sem ua people wait.

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