This Is Fate Wednesday 6th October 2021

This Is Fate Wednesday 17th November 2021
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This Is Fate Wednesday 6th October 2021 Preeta said that Karan did not have the heart as if he cared that he would not keep the temperature of the air conditioner so low, he would not see him shivering, Karan said that he had to take a blanket from the wardrobe because he would not destruction of his sleep pattern for him, he was more Continue said that he snored while sleeping so he should not refuse to accept it, he threatened him by saying that if he could not sleep well then he began to sleep and kill anyone who came in front of him. Karan said that he would experience difficulties because there were no knives in the room.


Sameer stood near the wardrobe, he closed the door to find Karina Bua stood there, he called out that he became afraid but Karina threatened him to say that he hadn’t been scared until now, he said that he had stopped listening to his order, he asked what he was Say, he mentioned that he witnessed how he was so close to Shristi and even did a romantic dance with Sameer when they stood in front of him, he said he came to town for his purpose. Work but he had a romance and now had to hold back from doing all the stupid things, Shristi called Sameer, Karina saw her call ending her and handed the phone to Sameer leaving the room.

Shristi was in the room wondering why Sameer had ended his call because he didn’t just take it when he had troubled if Karina stood in front of him, he remembered how once before Karina was the person who ended the call so thought that might be the case, he tried to think about the reason for Karina Trying to stop Sameer to meet him because both of them are the best of friends and really close, Sarla stood behind him. Shristi would be surprised to see it there, Sarla said that he came to give him a water bottle so he had to sleep, Shristi wondered if his mother listened to his call.

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This Is Fate Wednesday 6th October 2021 Sarla after walking outside thought that she would do anything to stop Shristi from getting closer to Sameer because he didn’t want him to suffer from Preeta because he even stayed at Luthra’s house had to fight for his right because Karan must be with him he didn’t, he could only pray for the future of his bright daughter.

Karan thinks that Preeta believes he doesn’t have a heart, he can’t sleep so he got up and turned off the air conditioner, he then sat in anything he called out that he looked very beautiful while sleeping, then he avoided the idea he would miss Preeta, he was angry to Ask what he will do because he can’t sleep without AC so what should he do.

Rishab woke up in the morning and held when he was late, Sherlin came in the room immediately asked a lot of questions, he said that he had to let him wake up first and he could ask anyone to make coffee for him, he asked where he was all night, Sherlin Mentioned that he was with Mira, Rishab said that he should not be with Maira.

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Prince wakes up, he wonders how he can sleep as long as he shivered at night then realized that the air conditioner was turned off he thought that Karan might have done this, he avoided the idea that Karan always destroyed his plan. At any time, he tidied his bed then saw that Karan was sleeping on the balcony, he wondered why he slept there, he began to remember all the time he was with him on his arm, he ran to the bathroom like he was really late to be dressed for its functions.

This Is Fate Wednesday 6th October 2021 Rishab said that Sherlin had to know himself he had to meet when he was present when Mira created the scene and insulted their entire family in front of relatives, he called out that he never stopped him to meet anyone because he was not the kind of someone but he had to know for himself w

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