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This Is Fate Wednesday 7th December 2021:Preeta asked Kritika that he hadn’t told them one thing and how he met Akshay and how it

all happened, Kritika explained that it was a long story but he would tell them and it was that he was called as Ranbir Kapoor and he also felt very proud For that but he did not have a boyfriend and did not even talk to other girls, Preela asked how they both met because it was possible because of ordinary friends but Kritika said that he did not even talk to another girl, Kritika then said that she was really scared When Akshay was in Dubai because he would not even talk to him or attend his worrying call because he might end his relationship, Preela tried his console by saying that he could marry the original Ranbir Kapoor where Kritika explained that he only wanted to marry Ranbir Kapoor himself.

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Kritika said that they met in front of the library where they met each other and he tried to leave without apologizing afterwards he said this to him and he said that a girl whose weak had to keep returning at his house which was really worried about him So he felt bad and then he saw that Akshay stood beside his car after a collage and then he had a rose for him he tried to attend him but he refused and now he married him, Shristi thought about why Preela asked such questions to Kritika because it was very clumsy.

Sherlin entered the room when he shouted after seeing Mahira, Sherlin asked what he did in his room and that he had a gossip for him, Sherlin explained how he saw Akshay and Preura together on the road because he asked why he asked why he asked him Girl, Sherlin said how he handled the situation but Mahira said that he should not do this but his actions would be useful for them, Sherlin said that they would blame Preura to destroy Kritika’s marriage when he will also begin to hate Prteeta and even Karan will oppose it who will fulfill their dreams they.

This Is Fate Wednesday 7th December 2021:Prince walked when he stumbled on the ball and would fall but Karan caught him, he asked why he always came to his hand and then the Pretail mentioned that he would fall because of his own ball, Pre-elegap that he knew he would always protect him, so he had to promise, Karan Asking why he did not thank him for saving him at this time, Preela answered how he would fall because of his own ball, Karan saw Karina so he was nervous, Karina warned how they never did such things in their families because of their reputation Protect and he can’t do this, Preela asked him not to think like this because Karan just saved him, Karina said that he should not make a reason when he himself asked for responsibility for regulating the function because he was not interested then Mahira would be given because he knew How he will fulfill the full task.

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This Is Fate Wednesday 7th December 2021:Preeta said Sarla then after reaching the house explaining the entire situation also looking for advice, Sarla asked what she would do after Preela said that she did not know because she knew Kritika was a very good girl and like a sister for her, Shristi. Jealousy and leaving them, Preura left after him and in the room explained how he should not be angry because he was his sister and no one could take place, Pre-Prea asked him to talk to him because he could not stay all day, Shristi explained that he was Feeling jealous when Sarla exclaimed that he loved Preura so much because he loved the same person as he loved but he would not be able to bear that his pre-brother, Preela p

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