This Is Fate Wednesday day 27th October 2021 Zee World

This Is Fate Wednesday 17th November 2021
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This Is Fate Wednesday day 27th October 2021:Shristhi explained he read the message at Mahira’s Mobile but he did not know that they both had the same cellphone and Blackmailer squeezed it, Karan explained that he was a killer who was why he went to meet Blackmailer,

Prithvi explained the only reason he was going to meet Blackmailer It was because he wanted to see his face and prove that he was the real killer of Akshay because he was also framed, Karan’s question why he went to the hotel,

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Prithvi answered that he knew the Akshay was squeezing Kritika but he said nothing to him because he might be afraid So he went to face Akshay, Prithvi thought that he hid some facts and revealed the others, Shristhi whispered to Karan, he was with Sameer leave anger.Prithvi.

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This Is Fate Wednesday day 27th October 2021:Prithvi Asked whether Karan was bad because the pre-preparation was in prison, he revealed that he also felt bad because he knew that Priela was innocent and would do everything he could save him, Karan exclaimed if he said the truth then there was no problem but if any what Even that is not the truth, he will not leave him, Prithvi rejoices that he once again walked freely from all problems.

Shisthi was walking in the hall considering that the guard told that the person was wearing a black hoodie, he remembered that he saw it at Ruchika’s house and also remembered that he was wearing a bracelet he found at the factory, Shisthi called out Karan that he was sure Ruchika was Blackmailer and was The person who killed Akshay, Karan got crazy leaves to face Ruchika and Shristhi also followed him.

Ruchika was at home, there was someone at the door and when he opened him was surprised to see Karan, Shristhi and Sameer stood there, they asked permission to enter and he allowed him, Shisthi held his hand where he was wearing in his hand, Ruchika explained that he lost it But Shisthi swept it said that he had come to return it that he was in the factory,

Karan said that the bracelet was paid by his wife’s price for his crime, Ruchika questioned what he was talking about, Shisthi revealed that he was in anger killing Akshay because he didn’t marry him, Ruchika revealed she fell in love with her.

Karan exclaimed he really loved him, Ruchika revealed that they also had a son but he was for the sake of money he wanted to marry Kritika but Prerega

, Shristhi and Samer found the truth about him so he was forced to end the marriage at the mandap, he knew that if he didn’t end him He will come to his functions and he also came but after the separation with Kritika,

Akshay changed and began to drink a lot, he also had an affair with Megha but he found and faced him, he promised to leave him and began to squeeze the critics because they needed money after they planned To go to Dubai but Megha found and killed Akshay in a hotel room, he revealed that Megha killed Akshay.

Prithvi stood up when Mahira questioned then what happened, Prithvi revealed that he was told they were repeatedly that he didn’t kill Akshay, Mahira was really worried about asking what would happen, they would all be destroyed. They will all be destroyed, they will all be destroyed.

This Is Fate Wednesday day 27th October 2021:Prithvi asked him to stay out of family problems but Mahira was really angry asking if he considered them his family but what about him who was always with him, he threatened him to say

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