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This Is Fate Wednesday 17th November 2021
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Monday Episode 1

Episode 150.

Mahira appeared at Luthra’s house and told everyone a fake story. Haldi Karan and Mahira service began.

Tuesday November 2 2021

Find the identity behind each number that calls you.
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Find the identity behind each number that calls you.
Episode 151.

This Is Fate November Teasers 2021:Prefigate repeatedly called Karan, but he let go of his call. Interim, Prithvi chose to destroy Rishabh. After that, the prevail observed Rishabh who was hijacked. Srishti returned from the market and accepted that Preela might stop Karan’s marriage. Sherlyn found that Prithvi got Rishabh was hijacked to get property. Meanwhile, Karan tried to call Rishabh.

Wednesday November 3 2021

Episode 152.

To save Rishabh, Preela followed the hijacker. Sherlyn and Mahira robbed Prteeta. After that, the Srishti faculty that Preta was in a difficult situation. While trying to save Rishabh, Preura difficulty. Srishti told Karan that Preela and Rishabh were in a difficult situation. Karan vowed to save the two of them, and Sherlyn heard their discussion.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 153.

Lutra found Snatching Rishabh. Sherlyn went to the inn to help Prithvi and warned him. Karan reclaimed awareness, and he and Preela entered the dispute. Srishti and Sameer appeared to help them.

Friday November 5 2021

Episode 154.

Prithvi undergraded Rishabh that he would kill Karan and Preela when he would not sign Property Letters. Karan claims that Prithvi is behind the cover. Preeta gets a Key expert Inn to find Rishabh. At Mahira’s request, Sherlyn told Mahira his lodging number and he appeared at the inn. Prithvi made Rishabh not aware.

Saturday 6 November 2021

Episode 155.

Prithvi’s chances of Mahira and take the name Karan. Kareena and Rakhi appeared at the inn.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Episode 156.

Sherlyn Lets Mahira knew that Ruffian was his lover. Mahira dismantled Karan and Karan saved him from the shutter. Shutter describes the entire episode to Prithvi. After that, Karan and Preeta have a dispute. Preeta with Rakhi and the others are looking for Rishabh. He saw a hidden prithvi who eliminated Rishabh and chased him.

Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 157.

The hijacker was known and it was revealed that Prithvi replaced him with a shutter. Everyone was stunned when Ruffian told Priela was a genius behind the arrest. Prefine denied the allegations of Mahira and said before everyone was that he did not need Mahira and Karan to get things that were driven. Karan was suddenly angry at Prteeta and vowed to marry Mahira.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 158.

This Is Fate November Teasers 2021:Karan guarantees Mahira that he will marry her the next day. Sameer let Karan know that he muttered Prteeta’s name in his rest. Karan visited Prteeta’s house and the effort to persuasively took him to his marriage. Janki stopped him and he went next to give a wedding.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 159.

This Is Fate November Teasers 2021:Karan let his family know that he had gone to welcome Preela for a wedding. Sarla denied Preela from going to marriage. Srishti persuaded Preeta to fight against Sherlyn and Mahira. Preeta chose to go to his marriage. Phone Srishti Sameer and plan to stop the wedding.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 160.

Rishabh rebuked Karan for his stubborn choice,

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