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Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom tv Tuesday 5th April 2022

Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom tv Sunday 3rd April 2022
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Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom tv Tuesday 5th April 2022: The Episode starts with Riddhima leaving from her room. She goes to meet Rudra. Rudra waits for her. He says maybe Riddhima has come. He collides with Daima and says sorry. He pulls her fake nose and says Anupriya… what are you doing here, you should have been in jail, it means Riddhima was saying the truth when she said she had seen you, you came here in Daima’s get up, everyone should know you are back, you have come here for some motive, you came to harm Riddhima, right, when mummy ji called Daima for Riddhima, you killed Daima and came here,. Its strange that you want to kill Riddhima, I won’t let this happen, you will leave this house, just get out. Vansh calls Angre and asks did you find him. Angre says he isn’t at home, car is at home. Vansh asks did you check in the backyard.

Angre says no, the chances that he is in the backyard are high. Vansh goes. Rudra says I will tell everyone that you have returned in VR mansion. Anupriya injects him to faint him down. Rudra falls down and catches her clothes. Riddhima gets shocked seeing Rudra fallen. She goes to help. She asks what happened. Rudra says I want to tell you something, the person who wants to…. She says I will call the doctor. He says its imp, that person…. Vansh comes and gets shocked.

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He runs to Rudra and asks what happened. Riddhima says I don’t know, he was fallen here, maybe he got a heart attack. Rudra dies. Vansh shouts no. They cry for Rudra. Angre, Siya, Dadi and Chanchal come. Chanchal asks what happened to Rudra, I will call the doctor. Vansh says he left us. Chanchal asks Rudra to get up once. Everyone cries. Riddhima thinks of Rudra’s words. She cries. Kabir shows the diamonds to Chang. He says its real, Vansh was going to deal these real diamonds, you can get these diamonds, I have a small condition, you have to give me Vansh’s business, you will only call me for other deals, the deal isn’t bad, don’t forget that I m a policeman, I will secure the deal and other businesses too, think and decide, these real diamonds prove that I will never cheat you. Chang nods. They shake hands.

Angre says doctor said Rudra died by a heart attack. Vansh says no, its not natural heart attack, its a murder, someone has done this knowing Rudra has the diamonds, that person can’t hide from me for long, he will be punished. Kabir talks to Riddhima’s pic.

Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom tv Tuesday 5th April 2022: Kabir says I have ruined Vansh’s reputation, this is a masterplan of a mastermind, I got the diamonds. He drinks and says I will snatch everything from Vansh, Riddhima and her baby… Riddhima says Rudra died while saving me and my baby, maybe that person knew that he is going to tell me the truth, sorry, the truth of that culprit is also gone with him. She goes to give a glass of water to Chanchal. Everyone cries. Chanchal sees Vansh coming with the ashes and shouts Rudra. She cries a lot holding the ashes. Vansh cries and goes. Riddhima thinks this wasn’t a heart attack, I should talk to Vansh about this. She says Vansh, I don’t have a proof, I feel Rudra didn’t die a natural death, its a murder.

Vansh asks did you see anything happened with him. She says no. He says you reached him first, what were you doing there, I was in corridor and heard his scream, I reached him and found him fallen down. He says stay away from this matter, if anyone does wrong with you, I can’t tolerate it. She nods. He reads her note about doctor appointment. She says I had written it much before all this happened. She stops him from tearing the note. She says I understand you don’t want to come, you have to understand that this baby is coming. Angre comes and knocks the door. Riddhima leaves.

Angre says bad news. Vansh checks the file and sees rejected stamps. He asks how is this possible, how can we lose all these deals. Angre says someone is spoiling our name. Kabir looks on. Vansh says Chang…. Kabir thinks very soon, I will have everything in my hands. Anupriya looks for her bracelet. She recalls Rudra. She takes Daima’s get up. She says I have to find the bracelet. Riddhima says I won’t let Rudra’s sacrifice go waste, I have to find the person who killed him, I will go and check in the backyard. Anupriya calls her out and asks her to take rest. Riddhima says I was going for a walk.

SEE ALSO:Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom tv Sunday 3rd April 2022

Till Love Do Us Apart On Adom tv Tuesday 5th April 2022: Anupriya says its time for your medicines. Riddhima says you have given me medicines some time back, how can you forget. Anupriya says I m talking about the kada. Riddhima thinks I will have it later. Anupriya thinks she can see the bracelet, how shall I stop her. Kabir comes and asks is everything fine. Riddhima says yes, I was going to have some fresh air. Anupriya thinks he can identify me, he is my son, I have to stay away from him. She says I will make kada for Riddhima. Kabir thinks I have seen this Daima somewhere…. Riddhima checks the backyard area well. Someone comes with an axe. Riddhima gets the bracelet and says this maybe of Rudra’s murderer…. I m sure its of that person. Someone attacks her. She gets shocked.

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima walk in the house. Anupriya has a plate in her hand with flowers. She bumps into Riddhima and the plate falls down. Riddhima sees the bracelet that she saw in backyard. Anupriya goes to pick it up quietly. Riddhima asks her to stop.


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