Top 13 Things To Do Before Preparing For Jamb 2022.

JAMB Mop-up Exam Date 2022
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During the 2021 jamb examination, it was recorded according to the joint admission matriculation board that in aggregate of candidates who stood for the exam there was a mass failure. Top 13 Things To Do Before Preparing For Jamb 2022.

up to the extent according to their analysis that 80% of candidates who stood for the exam couldn’t even score up to 180.

They say the 2021 jamb exam 2021 own might even be tougher.

Do you want to sit for jamb 2022?

Are you writing jamb for the first time?

Have you written jamb for many years now without hitting the mark?

There are a lot of things you should do before preparing to write jamb 2022,

A lot of exam smash snacks will be given to you which have been tested, proven very effective to use.

This is the reason I scored 300 during my jamb exam.

In this blog post  Top 13 things to do before preparing for Jamb 2022.

To avoid history repeating itself.

As a candidate who wishes not to waste his or her money to purchase the 2022 UTME exam form. And coming out scoring less than 180 which is not enough to gain admission in any university and not even a polytechnic of the state.

Many dream courses have been aborted because people dream of studying certain professional courses of their choice but in the end, they don’t meet up with the cut of mark of those courses hence their cut of a mark is very.

Having writing UTME for many years and yet not reaching the score for the chosen course, the option to go for the less.

Top 13 things to do before preparing for Jamb 2022.

Discard possible distractions:

Some people allow themselves to be deceived and distracted from their studies.

Hitting a high mark in the coming 2022 exam, you should know that you ought to start studying very early and for you to do that is important that you start now to neglect certain activities that will be a distraction to you.

You must first do this  Top 13 things to do before preparing for Jamb 2022.

So you don’t get disappointed at the end.

It has been verified that most candidate who felt less consigned about their exam always comes out with very low score after the exams because hard work is the key to success and whatever you ignored is annulled.


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  • Start studying according to syllables:

Reading for jamb exam preparation shouldn’t be the one you always do because it is much difference between someone who is reading keep himself or herself vibrant and gain more knowledge, to someone who is preparing for a standard exam like UTME.

This is why must tutors will tell you while reading for exams read in between lines, study the key topics, follow exam syllables, read according to the scheme of work.

This sometimes is why most students always score very low in jamb because they go ahead reading what they are not going to see in the exam.

And the ones they would see were not covered what I called exam ignorant reading.

  • Start to schedule for yourself a personal scheme of study and pattern:

it is very important that before a student starts preparing for the Jamb exam he or she should draw a comprehensive scheme and pattern the student read very efficiently and effectively.

For effective reading chose your dates and time of reading make,

Chose your subjects and days of reading,

Choose how to read i.e. pattern,

Choose what to read with each day,

Do not over impose many subjects to read in one day you don’t jack of all trade masters any.

  • Learn to dedicate to your study scheme:

You need to learn how to dedicate yourself to your study schemes so you won’t be confused about what to read at any particular time.

  • The program your mind to self-reliance in your exams:

Do not depend totally on expo to pass jamb exam,

Most people during the 2021 Jamb were deceived to pay certain huge amount of money all the will be registered in the special center where they would help in the exam hall.

It is very fortunate that after every they still fail to come out to greater high scores.

Stay away from key points:

Do not use key points because they do not contain detailed information’s they are made of interesting information and case study without full details.

  • Start testing yourself from time to time:

You can test yourself from time to time by taking down those examples from your textbooks,

Past questions.

Solve them use them to test your assimilation ability from what you read so far you can know how far you’ve studied.

Because it is not by how well you read is all about how well you know what you read.

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  • Makes sure you register for jamb yourself:

For you to be able to understand what you are sitting for is better you register for it by yourself so you can stand bold for the subjects you choose so you don’t hang any fearful blame on someone.

  • Start indulging in CBT:

It is very important to learn how to operate the CBT program so you can answer your questions very correctly and no fidgeting.

This is because during the 2021 jamb examination most of the candidates were not able to hold the mouse very confidently this is because they did not learn it.

  • Try to revisit any topic that is not clear to you:

Every student who wishes to write jamb 2022  Top 13 Things To Do Before Preparing For Jamb 2022. it is my legal advice to him or her to wake up from sleep and slumber, try to cross-check, and revisit those topics you were not able to understand while they are been taught in the classroom so you can understand better on your own.

If possible make use of the internet t, take illustrations, and.

You can even learn by watching YouTube videos.

in  Top 13 Things To Do Before Preparing For Jamb 2022.  there are one thousand and one topic, subject, courses you can learn from watching YouTube videos learning while they are been taught by YouTube bloggers, you can get as much information from the confidential site as https://myschoolgoodies.com/wp-admin/post-new.php.

Get detailed information’s make good use of them, walk into your exam hall and smash JAMB 2022.


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