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The episode starts with Prachi carrying tea for Dida. Rhea came there. Dida asked for tea. Rhea will hold a cup and remember how the kiss fell. Pallavi came there. Prachi said tea was ready. Dida also asked him. Pallavi said he had acidity. Rhea asked him to have a biscuit and then drink tea. He said he heard from many people. Pallavi will take biscuits. Prachi stopped him and said that Rhea was right, but because you had an acidity problem, had cold milk.

Rhea thought he wanted to prove myself a genius and wanted to prove to me stupid. He said Mummy could not drink cold milk because the tea was made with almond milk. Prachi said I thought he took it according to the diet and taste. He asked him to take banana juice and ginger to get rid of acidity. Pallavi said OK. Prachi said I would make it and leave. Rhea was angry and walked away. He will break the vase, but stop. He thought why Prachi, why did you do this? You want to drop my infront of another. He said if you want to impress mummy then you want to drop me up.

Dida asked Pallavi why he didn’t answer. Dida said Rhea had set Saree Rajeshwari, because it was a tip of beauty. He said that someone might go to the kitchen and make his wolsis fall because of an error. He said that day too, Prachi fell for a mistake. Pallavi asks if you want me to apologize to him.

Dida said I wanted Prachi to do all the arrangements of Janmashtami and said Rhea could not do this, because he never made this arrangement. Pallavi said Rhea could do this. Dida said Rhea would study, but until then let Prachi do it. Rhea heard them and angry. Pallavi agreed to keep the word Dida. Dida said I didn’t know who was the best between Rhea and Prachi, but you were my best shoulder. Pallavi smiled.

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Aaliya asked Tanu if he said something. Tanu said let me speak, and say if one point is fixed, then Sushma will say. He made a lawyer make the clause ready. Dadi came there and asked if he sold Abhi? He said what happened here. Abhi says this is what your Lord wants. He said I would make you understand. He said he had a request and said he did not want to be included in Pragya’s house such as furniture. He blamed Pragya to play with his heart, business, etc. Lawyers ask what your request is. Tanu think the ABHI agreement will make my plan easy, I will think of plans here and Abhi will execute there. The lawyer asked Abhi if he wanted to get all these things written in the contract.

Rhea came to the room and destroyed things. He fell on the bed crying, thinking of Dida’s words and Pallavi. He then thought Prachi had cut his words. He thought he would not cry, otherwise Prachi would be strong. I can’t let it win and say this time I have to plan, so he can’t make me lose, and I will always win. He said when Prachi went to the kitchen, I would go to the room. I will ensure how Prachi handles this. Rhea came to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir asked him to give a towel, consider him a prachi.

Rhea will give her hand in her hand. He said Prachi, I honestly said that something funny happened in your mind. He asked him to give a towel and said if you didn’t give me a towel, then I would come out, and would hug you and would make myself dry. He asked if he wanted it. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya plays … ..rhea took a towel and gave him. He dragged him in and hugged him. He said I love you. Rhea said I also loved you. Apparently his imagination. Ranbir asked him to give a towel.

He gave him a towel. He thanked him and closed the door. Rhea went and collided with Prachi. Prachi asked what happened to him. Rhea went to his room, while Teji called him. Rhea sat in bed and thought about Ranbir. He thought what happened to me, why can’t I control my feelings for him. He said I still held my emotions since 2 years, but when you were near me, I couldn’t hold it back.

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