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 This post Twist of Fate Friday 1st October 2021 Zee World: On Twist of Fate Friday 1 October 2021, The Episode starts with Dadi asking Abhi what happened? Abhi says Tanu has stolen this purse. Tanu asks what are you, a drunkard. She says I have bought this purse.

Abhi gets Sumit’s call and tells him that his wife bought a purse, with which he can buy a shop. He says he will go out. Pragya is on call and hears Tanu telling them that she will get mad here. She ends the call and gets inside the house. She sees Abhi and Dadi’s pic there.

Mitali, Tanu, Aaliya and Dadi look at Pragya. Mitali asks where is Abhi? Aaliya says he ran out of the window. Inspector tells Pragya that Tanu has stolen her purse. Tanu thinks if she is alive. Pragya looks at Tanu and Aaliya and recalls their words. Inspector asks the constable to arrest Tanu. Tanu asks why? Inspector says you have stolen Pragya Arora’s purse.

Tai ji says you didn’t come to meet us. Inspector asks what are you saying? He asks Tanu to return the purse. Tanu says it is hers. Inspector says you have stolen her purse and says they watched it on CCTV. Tanu says she took it as it was kept there. Pragya says you have stolen my purse, which has property papers including Mehra Mansion papers, which I bought today.

Pallavi goes inside to get something. Beeji says Pallavi has made herself a stone. Ranbir asks her to smile and says I love you. Beeji says I love you too. He goes to meet Vikram. Pallavi brings medicines and gives to Beeji. She asks where did he go? Beeji says to Vikram. Sushma is talking to Pragya on call when a speedy car is about to hit her, when Abhi saves her.

Sushma thanks him. Abhi says I don’t want thanks and asks him to be with her daughter next time when she comes on the road. He insists to talk to her daughter. Sushma calls Pragya and says she is busy. Abhi asks her to take care and says I will not meet you always.


Twist of Fate Friday 1st October 2021 Zee World: Dadi tells Pragya that her eyes were yearning to see her and today she is very happy. Pragya gets emotional, wears goggles to hide her emotions. Lady constable snatches the purse from Tanu’s hand and gives it to her. Tanu tells that she is not Pragya and tells that she was a small teacher and can’t afford this purse.

She says Pragya died 2 years ago. Pragya asks if you are shocked seeing me and tells that it is your old habit to steal someone’s purse and husband. She says I am surprised how this happened and looks at the house. She says you have lost what you wanted. She tells Inspector that she has filed the FIR. Tanu says you have done this to trap me.

Pragya walks away from there. Dadi thanks God for sending Pragya back. Prashant asks Abhi to go on his place. Abhi drinks wine. Prashant asks what is in your hand. Abhi shows the scarf. It flies and falls on Pragya. Pragya thinks of my scarf, looking at it.

Abhi asks a lady if she saw the scarf. He decides to throw his handkerchief and says wherever the scarf had gone, it will go to the same place. Pragya sees her scarf flying away and falling on a guy. She gets Sushma’s call and asks the guy about it. Abhi takes the scarf and goes. The guy says the owner of it took it. Pragya looks for the scarf.

Tanu argues with Police while she is about to take away. Tai ji asks Aaliya to give something to Inspector and settle the matter. Aaliya says she doesn’t have money. Mitali asks her to work and earn money. Pragya stands outside smilingly.

Dadi says where is Pragya? Pragya thinks they have fallen so low, I can’t take revenge from them, they have lost everything and I got all those things. She thinks I have to see, how they accepted such life. Did they bend down or if they still have attitude? She sits in the car and goes. Mitali asks Aaliya to see Pragya’s car.

Dadi comes out and asks where is Pragya? Aaliya says she went. Inspector asks Tanu to sit in the jeep. Tanu thinks she thought Pragya is doing drama and wonders she got rich. Dadi is happy that Pragya returned. Aaliya says how to take out Tanu? Tai ji says we shall talk to Pragya.

Dadi is silent. Mitali asks if Dadi has taken Samadhi. Does Dadi ask what happened? Mitali says we shall talk to Pragya to get Tanu freed. Dadi says I will tell Abhi that Pragya came. Aaliya asks Tai ji to take Dadi inside and give her medicine. Tai ji says you can’t talk to me like this.

Aaliya tells Mitali that Abhi shall not know that Pragya has come and tells that if they meet then there will be a problem. Mitali says if he comes to know then he will go. Aaliya says we get a royalty from bhai’s music album and says don’t forget that Pragya knows that we got him married to Tanu.

Mitali says Pragya didn’t know about me. She says Pragya will melt seeing Abhi and then we all can go. Aaliya asks do you think that Pragya is foolish and knows everything about you. She says we have to create such a situation that Bhai shall not know about her. Abhi comes and asks what? Aaliya makes something fall, as Dadi tries to tell Abhi about Pragya. She then tells them that she wants medicine and takes Dadi with her.

Aaliya takes Dadi to the room and tells them that they can’t give a shock to Bhai and says his heart is weak due to excessive drink of alcohol. Dadi says he will be happy. Aaliya says we will tell Bhai tomorrow. She distracts Dadi anyhow. Dadi comes out. Abhi says what do you think that I will not know. Aaliya thinks if Tai ji told him everything.


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