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Twist Of Fate Friday 7th January 2022: The Episode begins with Doctor telling that Abhi resembles live dead body and tells that he may hurt himself one day that his life might end. Pragya inquires as to whether he will be fine and tells that Doctor is God in their town and requests that he track down the treatment for him Specialist says your reasoning is positive, and requests that she give him give it a second thought. He says might be he gets fine with your consideration. He requests that he get him far from unexpected joy or shock, as his cerebrum isn’t prepared. He requests that she take him in certainty prior to busy. Tanu lets Rhea know that she did what she needed. Rhea embraces her. Tanu thinks Aaliya said right and tells that adoration is required at the difficult stretch. Rhea goes to change. Aaliya tells that Rhea will cherish her. Vikram and Pallavi come there. Raj tells that they called them to fix something. Aaliya.

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inquires as to whether she didn’t tell him. Pallavi says she didn’t tell him. Pragya comes inside. Mitali likes her for showing the boldness and coming there once more. Pragya says she would have rather not come, however her mom sent her. She tells that she won’t leave Mitali’s brother by marriage assuming he messes with her once more. Ranbir comes there and crashes into Pragya. His CDs tumble down. Pragya assists him with getting it. Ranbir says thanks to her and gives CDS to Aryan. Rhea comes ground floor.
Pragya gets passionate seeing her. Aaliya presents Tanu as her dearest companion. Tanu tells that she gave a decent proposition to Aaliya figuring Abhi will get fine seeing her glad. Vikram asks what? Aaliya says I have chosen to get Rhea and Ranbir connected now and marriage following 10 days. Ranbir is stunned. Rhea grins. Aaliya says Bhai likewise needed to do this, yet this marriage is postponed because of his condition. She tells that they will carry out his responsibility.

Tai requests that Mitali send Gayatri to Abhi. They have the desserts. Pallavi says we will get the kundalis match and Pandit ji told that their commitment will occur inside 3 days. Ranbir says no and tells her that his life is his and he will take for his entire life choices himself. He says marriage is far away, I would rather not do this commitment. He leaves followed by Pallavi and Vikram. Aaliya tells Rhea that Vikram and Pallavi will converse with him. Rhea yells at her and asks what is his concern, it was Pallavi who needed me to wed me. She goes. Pragya comes outside Abhi’s room and thinks that he is dozing on the floor. She figures how to ponder Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. She thinks both are her girls. Mitali comes there and asks what was she checking out. Pragya says I was checking whether he is resting or alert. Mitali requests that she give the medication. Pragya says first I will check his physical issue and will apply him lep.

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Twist Of Fate Friday 7th January 2022: Pallavi requests that Ranbir pay attention to her. Ranbir tells that he would have rather not pay attention to her and tells that he had concurred as he didn’t have a clue about reality then, at that point. Pallavi asks what do he mean by that? Ranbir requests that she ask him. He tells that he had concurred as her condition was feeble, however later he heard Doctor telling her that she is totally fine and has no heart issue. He tells that now he isn’t vulnerable to wed Rhea. He says first time she has deceived him. Pallavi says sorry Vikram, I simply needed them to wed. Vikram says a major untruth? Pallavi says I need you to help me as even your companion Abhi needs them to wed. Aryan comes there. Pallavi requests that he tell Ranbir not to converse with her like that, as she is his mother.

Twist Of Fate Friday 7th January 2022: The Servant attempts to alarm Pragya against Abhi and tells that Mitali tells that the man is a creature. Pragya becomes irate and asks her not to say that. Mitali comes there. Pragya chastens her and requests that she regard her brother by marriage. She tells that she had gone, however her mom sent her back. She tells that she will battle with the conditions. Ranbir tells his vulnerability with Aryan and calls Prachi. Prachi picks the call and figures the reason why did he call me. Ranbir says sorry for following her and says I think you are not angry with me, tells that his family need him to get drawn in to Rhea. He says he was exceptionally furious today, and figuring he would have hitched her that day in the sanctuary. Rhea comes there and asks where could Ranbir be? Vikram says he is in his room. Ranbir lets Prachi know that we love one another and requests that she wed him. He tells that he won’t have food. Rhea figures the reason why he would rather not wed. Ranbir requests that Prachi say something atleast and says I ought to have hitched you that day in the sanctuary, else this thing wouldn’t have happened today. Rhea hears him and gets stunned.

Precap: Pragya inquires as to whether he prefers when somebody beats him. Abhi says don’t beat me, I feel torment. Pragya cries.


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