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Twist of Fate Friday 8th October 2021 Zee World Abhi approached Aliya and Tanu, crying her knew them both very well, they did not speak without its own benefit but had not done the right thing, Abhi said he shouted from the cell to save him but he did not take the name Pragya, Tanu questioned what he did at here when Pragya was at home.

Aliya tried to calm her, Abhi questioned what he meant, he explained Pragya was angry at him, he to save him talking a lot about Sushma said that he really loved him and he was his life, Sushma said all that to Pragya which made him angry, if he knew the truth then everything would be different, Abhi said they only made everything, he wanted to hear.

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Twist of Fate Friday 8th October 2021 Zee World Tanu asked him to listen to the truth, he asked what would happen if they revealed the truth because Pragya did come to their home but he did not speak politely with them, he did not even feel the sympathy crying for him, he was the opposite left, Tanu exclaimed he was rude Abhi because he did not want it in his life, Tanu exclaimed Pragya was a great businessman with great wealth, he could contact them because he had all family contacts and offices, they had just shifted.

to this house a year ago until then, they were still in Mehra Mansion, where they were always in the news still he didn’t bother coming to them, it was because he didn’t care anymore, Abhi shouted he didn’t want him to hear what What, Aliya took the side of the Tanu who said that he spoke the truth, Tanu said he had a few moments saying bad things for his daughter so that they lost Ria, Aliya also explained that they lost it because of Pragya.

Abhi said he had not changed, Tanu questioned why he was with him even when he did not love him anymore, he explained that Pragya had indeed changed because if he was the same he would with him, they would hug each other. He destroyed them all, he returned to revenge, Aliya said that Tanu was right because Pragya came to revenge, Aliya explained that Pragya had changed, she had an accident two years ago and they found her car, she found her car, she didn’t look back and Now comes to insult the whole family of Mehra.

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Twist of Fate Friday 8th October 2021 Zee World Tanu turned to Aliya explained that there was nothing but revenge in his eyes, Abhi did not want to hear anything, Tanu agreed not to say anything, but the truth was that he had changed and Pragya did not love him, but only hated him, but only hated him, But only hated him Abhi remembered when he said he didn’t want to have a relationship with him, he went angry not to stop when Dadi asked him to listen.

Abhi walked on the market, considering all the moments when Pragya was angry at him, he sat thinking why he would return to take revenge on him. At home Tanu and Aliya along with the whole family worried, Mitali Bhabhi asked Dadi if he wanted to have dinner, but Dadi refused, Mitti did bad behavior with him saying that if he didn’t eat the night had to say it before because he became very tired after.

working In the kitchen and it was really painful to bear his body, Dadi went for his room, Aunti scolded the commemoration of Mitali he should not speak like this with Dadi, Mitali exclaimed. His mother had the habit of changing the side but he would not make dinner from tomorrow, he asked Aliya and Tanu if they wanted to eat, he left when they did not answer.

Aliya asked Tanu if their plan had worked, Tanu answered he was sure it was successful because it was the truth, Abhi went to meet him alone and still alone so this meant he hadn’t forgiven it and he still hated him, Aliya answered all because of their actions, Tanu answer it because he was when he was called Pragya and Abhi and were people who turned on


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