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Twist Of Fate Monday 21st February 2022
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Twist Of Fate Monday 10th January 2022: The Episode begins with Abhi requesting that Pragya show her face. Pragya thinks Doctor had said that he will not get the abrupt bliss or shock. He requests that she show her face and gives pinky swear. Mitali figures she will be the first to see Gayatri’s face. Pragya thinks to show her face and afterward cover it up once more. He holds her pallu and says I will see your face. Mitali thinks Abhi has gone distraught again and rushes to illuminate Aaliya. Abhi removes her dupatta and sees her face. Pragya cries. Tere Naam..He says you are my… brings fuggi doll and says you resemble her. Pragya thinks he mus have kept my doll in his heart securely. ]

Pragya kisses the doll and reviews his words. He takes the doll back. Pragya says I have shown my face, presently you need to wear decent garments. Mitali tells Aaliya that Abhi has gone distraught again and demanding to see Gayatri’s face. Aaliya chastens her and tells that she is on video assemble conference and you have come here with little issue. Mitali tells that individuals will hear available for any emergencies. Aaliya says the call is quiet. Mitali goes out and sees Tanu. She tells that Abhi is demanding to directly. Tanu says it is an issue. Mitali thinks assuming Gayatri goes then who will accomplish the work. Tanu thinks assuming I did an error that I left my significant other and came for Abhi. Mitali asks her not to tell Aaliya. Tanu thinks assuming Abhi don’t recuperate then she will tell that her ex met with a mishap and requirements her. Aaliya comes and requests that she descend.

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Prachi thinks about her guarantee with Rhea and thinks about her words. Shahana requests that she wed Ranbir to render retribution from Rhea. Prachi proceeds to figure she can do anything for Maa.

Dadi comes and inquires as to whether she called her. Aaliya says OK. Tanu tells that you had gone to sanctuary and was uninformed that Rhea and Ranbir’s commitment is following 3 days. Dadi asks what’s going on, Abhi’s condition is terrible and you are arranging this. Aaliya requests that what do, will we lock ourselves in room like bhai. She says it isn’t sure that Bhai will recuperate and not and says Tai ji didn’t cause Dadi to see better. Tanu says Dadi comprehends assuming Tai ji makes her comprehend. Aaliya asks Raj what’s going on with he? Raj says you need to deal with house. Aaliya says I will become distraught as I have handle both business at home, will become frantic. Pallavi and Vikram come there. Vikram asks where could my companion be? Aaliya says you realize his condition well. Vikram goes. Pallavi requests that Aaliya call Rhea. Aaliya requests that Basanti call Rhea from her room.

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Twist Of Fate Monday 10th January 2022: Abhi takes a gander at Pragya from the paper opening. She inquires as to whether you will wear this? Abhi says I need to terrify you and asks her not to come behind him. Pragya acts to get frightened and inquires as to whether he will wear this. He inquires as to whether she knows to draw this drawing. Pragya says I know, yet can’t draw like you. Abhi says you dislike my doll, yet you need to become like my doll, in the event that you have… twofold battery, signs about specs. Pragya checks out him. He gets some information about twofold battery? Pragya says specs. Abhi says you don’t realize drawing as me, know nothing. Pragya thinks he talks like this even presently.

Pallavi asks Tanu and Aaliya, what they were discussing? Tanu says I requested that Aaliya converse with you about Ranbir’s response. She inquires as to for what reason did he concur from the start and presently he is declining. This connection was Abhi’s desire. Dadi asks Tanu not to meddle. Tanu requests that Pallavi reply. Pallavi thinks first she acted to have cardiovascular failure, that is the reason he had concurred and afterward when he came to be familiar with reality, he rejected. Aaliya thinks Pallavi is responsibility striken and will persuade Ranbir. Rhea comes there and goes inside without conversing with anybody. Aaliya says she probably battled with guardian outside and goes behind her.

Pragya brings the garments for him. He inquires as to whether he won’t feel any aggravation when somebody beats him. Pragya says OK. He is going to change the garments. Pragya asks him not to change here. He asks don’t you like me. Pragya says I like you, however large kids wear garments in washroom. Abhi concurs and requests that she pick his garments day by day. He goes to change. Mitali comes there and requests that Pragya take the nourishment for abhi and handle him, as she needs to deal with the family lunch. She goes.

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Precap: Ranbir and Pragya are in the kitchen. He requests that she come clean else he will proceed to tell everybody. Abhi holds Raj’s collar. Everybody alarms. Pragya as Gayatri requests that everybody act like a family. Aaliya yells Gayatri.


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