Twist of Fate Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World

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Twist of Fate Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Pragya opened the door to the room, given that it was his room where he spent years with Abhi, he was nervous while walking in it, wiping the tears he stood beside the bed, thought that he didn’t have to control his emotions, he began to remember Everything he tried to forget, the house was really good but he was not good, he called Sushma who wondered why he called him.

Pragya answered him right because he had lost the challenge, reply Sushma Jee he knew about that which was why Not to stop the auction, he told him that the client together with the Secretary would immediately reach the house, Sushma Jee asked him to forget the past and do it for the future because this was what he had done.

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Twist of Fate Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Pragya was trapped on a wooden shelf, Abhi found his income after reaching the house, he was when trying to free him to throw a vase that created a voice, Abhi reached the door of the room, called Pragya, he wondered what he did here, Abhi answered that he heard about The house auction was the last time, Pragya began to cough, he questioned what happened, he remembered he was allergic to dust,.

Pragya asked him to stop and did not show false concerns, he answered was what he always said because he did not want his help, Pragya insisted Not to receive his help, he said he would not listen to anything else, he had to get away from the door, he kicked him open, both of them were stunned after seeing him with each other, he was confused to see him in this condition.

Someone who entered the house exclaimed that no one came up to now, a worker replied that Pragya was also here, the client came when they were shown by their seats.

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Twist of Fate Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Pragya question what he did here when he saw the house, Abhi asked him to calmly ask if he remembered this was the home where he entered his wife, Yells Pragya said he didn’t want to leave anything but he won’t leave what he heard What he said, Pragya, trying to go tripped, Abhi held it in his arms, he was constantly trying to free himself but Abhi replied that he would get hurt if he tried to leave, Abhi opened the window.

Make him sit down, his secretary came to ask what had happened to Pragya, said Abhi he had fallen in love, he immediately ordered him to call a doctor and cancel the auction, he rushed away, Pragya insisted that he did not want false concern, he warned him not to talk and breathe But he is unconscious.

Sushma Jee was in a meeting, she received a call from Pragya’s secretary, she told that Pragya was suddenly ill, there was even someone with her, she was in the form that would come as soon as possible.

Prachi at his home prayed, thinking how strange he was married to Ranbir while he was expelled from his mother, he knew that his mother would not forgive until he was his wife, Ranbir walked toward the seat because of the chair, he called out they lived in a small house then what the need furniture.

he asked if he was injured but he called out that he just did a joke, he answered why he was crying but he asked him, he asked him to make a better stay, he told him to cut onion, he asked him where They were because he also wanted to cry so they could act together, he asked for a hug what had happened.

Abhi with Pragya who tried to wake him up, he tried to wake him up but he didn’t remember that he kissed him before and then was just when Sushma Jee asked what he was trying to do, he explained that he was just trying to wake it up, he pulled him away and the doctor began to do an examination, Sushma Jee took Abhi O

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