Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 23rd February 2022
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Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World The episode began with Abhi told Dadi that he had warned Tanu not to steal, but he did not agree. Dadi asked him to bring Tanu back because they were still Mehras and asked him to take the help of Sumit. He promised him.

Aaliya thought of going with Bhai so he didn’t know Pragya. Tanu is on the key and thinking about Pragya. He thought he was married to Abhi for his money, but he lost everything. He thought Pragya was not looking for Behen Ji and was not good. He thought about how his fate changed. Abhi comes there and says you have a new room.

Tanu said he did not steal and said he did this because I had grabbed everything. Abhi asks who? Aaliya signed Tanu not to tell about Pragya. Tanu said the rich woman. Abhi said you had stolen the rest. Aaliya asked him to talk to the inspector. Abhi said the inspector would not leave it. He went to talk to the inspector.

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Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World Tanu asks aaliya how Pragya returns? He said his car fell on the river and said why he didn’t contact Abhi. Aaliya said maybe because we made him talk to Pradeep in Bhai’s voice. He said Pragya might not have a feeling for him now. Tanu said no, he might know that we had become poor because Pallavi made a public announcement in the media and even put into a case of you. Aaliya asked him not to take the name Pallavi.

Ranbir and Vikram have a light moment. Vikram laughed. Ranbir got a prachi telephone. Pallavi looked at them. Vikram asked him to make him talk to Prachi in a video call. He then apologized to Prachi and asked for forgiveness. Prachi asks why do you say this? Vikram apologized for their bad behavior.

He said you saw my condition, I was saved at this time, but if I get a heart attack again then I will not be saved. Vikram asked him to let Ranbir stay here. Prachi said Ranbir was my son first then my husband. Vikram thanked him and asked him to return home. Ranbir ends the call. Vikram asked Ranbir and Prachi to go home. The nurse came there and said her heartbeat increased. Ranbir promises that he will be back soon. Vikram said don’t keep me waiting like last time. Pallavi looks.

The inspector asked Abhi to stand upright. Abhi asked him to leave him and promised that he would not steal again. Inspector refused. Abhi said if he reached something then I could know.

Inspector asks why you did not stop it. Abhi said he wanted him to be arrested, but now his life wants him to bring him back because of his family reputation. Inspector said he could not let him go, as a woman whose wallet was stolen was good. Abhi came to the police. Constable signed something at him.

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Ranbir told Pallavi that Dida rested in his room. Pallavi said you came to this house now, I know everyone’s routine. He mocked him. Ranbir said I would leave. Pallavi asked him not to take his father’s words seriously and said he didn’t like Prachi like me. He said I hated your wife and loved you very much. Ranbir said when there were no conditions in your love, then why for your hatred. Pallavi said that’s why I hate it, he taught you this. Ranbir said Prachi loved and respected all of you. Pallavi said I just called you, if this is possible then you can come and stay here.

Constable out. Abhi asked if he took bribes. The police said no. He said there was a way to remove the family. He told about the case of Drunken Drive and said that the driver’s wife cried in front of the person who filed a wall, so he sympathized and took back this case.

Abhi said the mistakes might be from people who archive fir. Constable said I asked you to go and beg for Infront of the Lady who filed FIR, to issue a family. Abhi agreed. Dadi called Abhi and said that Tanu was the shoulder of the house and he didn’t want him to stay in the key at night. Abhi agreed and asked the police to give a wallet woman’s address.



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