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Twist Of Fate Saturday 8th January 2022: The Episode begins with Ranbir requesting that Prachi say something and says his family is getting him wedded to Rhea. He says assuming I had hitched you that day then you would have been my better half. He says assuming you say nothing. Prachi asks him not to call her once more. Aryan asks what did she say? Rhea hears them. Ranbir says she was quiet and said nothing. He laments not to wed her. Rhea hears him and is stunned. Ranbir says I will wed Prachi this time under any conditions. Prachi cries. Rabba Khair Kare plays… ..Tanu lets Aaliya know that the person is great, she will make the marriage as the occasion and requests that she take arrangement from her, as she will be occupied. Aaliya requests that she be invigorated, yet not to disregard her main goal.

Pragya hears them. Mitali inquires as to whether she is hearing them? Pragya says she is a Haryanvi young lady and don’t take things. She reproves Pragya for not regarding Abhi and calling him a creature. She then, at that point, takes steps to tell outside with regards to Abhi’s psychological well-being. Aaliya requests that Mitali talk pleasantly with her and requests that Pragya go to Abhi’s room and take the bar moreover. Pragya says it is no required, he won’t assault me. Tanu says save it for wellbeing reason. Aaliya requests that Tanu go with Gayatri. Rhea drives the vehicle and comes to Prachi’s home. Pragya comes to Abhi’s room quick. Mitali inquires as to for what reason did you come quick. Pragya says she heard him yelling. Mitali says he will say when did I yell? Pragya thinks assuming she is watching out for me.

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Rhea comes inside the house and requests that Prachi come out. She tosses the things, calls her double-crosser and so forth and yells requesting that she come out. Prachi comes out and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are yelling? Rhea expresses what are you doing, how might you do that. Prachi asks how did I respond? Rhea tells that she resents her for believing her and says thank god, our childhood isn’t occurred together else my adolescence would have been demolished.]

Twist Of Fate Saturday 8th January 2022: She says you call yourself as my sister, however… Prachi requests that she tell plainly. Rhea says you knows it all and needs me to bite the dust and yell. Prachi says I will go. Rhea stops her and says you had intended to wed Ranbir that day. Prachi requests that she listen her completely. Rhea will not pay attention to her. She reminds their arrangement and inquires as to why she didn’t think about their guarantee. She says we both have guaranteed one another. She says I battled with Meera, Aaliya and others for joining Mom and father. She says Buji secured me in the room, tells that she came out with much trouble to stop the marriage. She says when I was attempting to get Mom and father wedded, you was intending to wed Ranbir in the sanctuary.

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Prachi requests that she tune in. Rhea tells that when her marriage talks began, she came to be familiar with their arrangement. She says I figured Ranbir and my predetermination will coordinate, however I didn’t realize that you have coordinated your fate with him. Prachi swears on her mom that she knew nothing. Rhea asks how you didn’t have a clue what is in Ranbir’s heart. Prachi says she truly don’t have the foggiest idea. Rhea says you have harmed me so much, and whatever I want to talk, I will converse with your mother. Prachi reviews and a fb is shown, Prachi asks Pragya where did she go? Pragya says there was an extravagant dress contest in school. Prachi says this is Servant’s garments. Pragya says I am doing Servant’s occupation for your Papa. She says you know your Aaliya Bua well and says she won’t go me close to him. Prachi asks what occurred. Pragya says she will tell her beginning and end later. She cries and says I want him a ton. She asks her not to tell anybody, and tells that main Sarita behen knew, don’t tell Shahana and Ranbir. Fb closes.

Twist Of Fate Saturday 8th January 2022: Rhea calls Pragya as Mrs. Pragya Mehra and requests that she come out. She says I will scrutinize her, for what reason did she let my father be in medical clinic for biting the dust. Prachi thinks she needs to control her annoyance for Maa. Pragya comes to Abhi’s room. Abhi rushes to restroom and requests that she go. She draws close to the washroom entryway. Abhi says I realize you won’t beat me, you are not Aaliya. Pragya figures she can’t show her face to him. She inquires as to whether he is frightened of this stick/pole. Abhi says OK and gets more apprehensive. Pragya says I need you to escape your dread and asks him not to fear individuals who don’t cherish him. She says Aaliya ought to have caused you to comprehend with adoration, yet she… She requests that he grab the stick from somebody who beats him. Abhi says kindly don’t beat me.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya not to beat him. Pragya says OK. Abhi says pinky swear. Pragya says OK and requests that he take the stick. Abhi takes the stick in his grasp.


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