Twist of Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Zee World

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Twist of Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Zee World Sushma Jee Real Forward For him is his happiness while his loss is his sadness, he will get financial benefits but it is not worth more than his happiness, he wants to give him the peace he is looking for, remember Sushma Je how Pragya goes in the room and crying, he exclaimed that he heard that he heard when he heard Pragya said that he loved him, he could not let him endanger himself, he had made him strong enough to say it clearly in his eyes, reply,


Sushma Jee, then cried a lot more than what he said, Sushma Jee called out he didn’t will let it damage himself and he must remain strong, Sushma Jee agrees to end the auction saying if he finds a strong Pragya at the auction table will only call from the agreement, and Pragya can make it a second home in India where he can live every time he comes, he sent Pragya to sleep Ir he will make sure they destroyed his life nervous.

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Twist of Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Zee World Tanu dreamed about Pragya and suddenly woke up shouting, everyone also woke up asking what had happened, he left he would look for Abhi, Mitali Bhabhi asked why he had to wake them up and could meet Abhi in secret, Mitali Bhabhi answered him first Tama thought Tanu had seen a ghost but now knew he saw Abhi and Pragya together so far away, Aliya asked him not to say anything he felt, Aliya thought Mitri Bhabhi was right and he had to talk to Tanu.

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Abhi was sleeping considering Pragya, he smiled, Tanu came and was surprised to see why he smiled, he ran back after hearing dogs barking, Pragya also slept quietly in his room, Sushma Jee entered him but would wake up from fear on the incident of the past, he would always there for him, he closed the door but did not understand why Preela slept so calm because someone could only sleep like this when they were surrounded by the people they loved,

Abhi woke up in the morning when the workers caused the noise, he took a scarf asked – whose one is, he exclaimed now he was the new owner, Preela also saw a black scarf so tense wondering who he had, he was surprised after seeing the time worrying about how he could sleep so long. Abhi sat on the bed, he was angry because he got up early.

Twist of Fate Saturday 9th October 2021 Zee World Pallavi, we talked on the phone scolding the driver, Prachi saw him so soon rushed to help him, Pallavi was surprised to see Prachi, the driver came out and apologized to the two of them, he called Prachi who really saved him but his family.

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Pallavi called out he was not so smart and had to Know that those who look like Savior sometimes have caused their destruction, he warned that person to keep the driver if he could not drive and prefer to travel by taxi, the driver leaves, Pallavi spent money that was because he saved him, Prachi exclaimed that They did not take money from their mother,

Pallavi exclaimed that he was not his mother, Prachi said he was his mother, Pallavi called out he would not get blessings because he only cared about money, Pallavi turned to leave when a woman exclaimed Prachi cried when Pallavi gave him money, So Pall. AVI answered because he wanted more money he could not give, he asked Prachi not to worry because the woman didn’t even know how to talk, Prachi asked her not to talk like this because she was hurt.

Prachi got a call from Ranbir. He asked if he was fine, he wondered if he arrived at his house, he answered his house was the only one where he lived with him but he came to examine his father and his help told him that his mother and Dida was not at home, he was asked how he called him, he answered it because he missed

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