Twist of Fate Sunday 10th October 2021 Zee World

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Twist of Fate Sunday 10th October 2021 Zee World Mitali Bhabhi and Aliya are preparing for food, Abhi read the newspaper thought that his house was sold and before the auction could visit the house, his house was where the two people he knew most, he remembered Dadi and Pragya so decided at least watching his house last time before selling, he walked out of the house, two neighbors invited Abhi to come and play Carom when Rani waited for him,.

Abhi exclaimed no time, they questioned who came into his more important life than his game, Abhi answered Rani who had actually come Lost, they both questioned what the reason for his tension, he replied that he would only see him a drama house.

Prachi explained that he could choose the girls, but the final decision would be in Sidharth, Ranbir but replied that he most believed his decision and the desire to marry a girl as he was, he could not even think of marrying other people, as he Wants someone who just wants him to solve all the problems of his house, Sidharth wants someone who has the exact same DNA like his sister, he was surprised, he apologized, Prachi called out he didn’t see it and if it happened to cross the road, he left.

Twist of Fate Sunday 10th October 2021 Zee World Sidharth tried to repair his car, Ria walked waved on his friend, a car driving by causing dirty water to spill it, he began to shout on it who caught Sidharth’s eyes, he smiled seeing that he was covered in water. Walk to him with tissue from his car, he immediately took him to appreciate him for his help, he couldn’t say anything, so he left. His friend came asking if he would drop it at home, Sidharth called out it was his car and he knew there was a network so he could use it.

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Dadi ordered Aliya and Mitali Bhabhi to speak calmly because he was reading something, Tanu came to ask where Abhi was not outside or with his friends, Tanu asked Dadi not to say anything because he knew what he felt For Pragya but did not know anything in this house, Mitali Bhabhi replied that they all heard him in front of Abhi said that everything was because of the two of them, they saw Mitali, Dadi exclaimed that he was now standing with Tanu and Aliya but with Abhi yesterday.

Tanu asked why they did not tell him what he wanted to know, Mitali Bhabhi answered he was the least guilty because he could not even work with his own intention, Aliya asked him not to create such a melodrama and cook food.

Twist of Fate Sunday 10th October 2021 Zee World Aliya asked Tanu to go and asked his friends because they would know where he was, Tanu went to them both asking where when they answered that he had gone to the place he took the car, he left when they wondered how Abhi lived with him under one roof, they joked staying at home when he slept outside.

Sidharth with his friend who tried to repair a car while Sidharth constantly saw Ria and his friend, he called out all the drivers crazy because his dress was completely destroyed, his friend answered not all the drivers when he saw the handsome man.

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Offering his fisher, he agreed that not all of the crazy drives, Sidharth’s friend called out that he felt that they now found the right way to repair the car, Sidharth’s question what he meant and sat in the car.

Tanu walked home, he was nervous, Aliya questioned what had happened and if he knew where Abhi turned from his friends, Tanu said he went to illness, Aliya questioned what the problem was because there was no curfew there, Aliya answered in pain Mehra Mansion, Aliya replied that it was no longer their home, Tanu asked if she knew the house, Aliya replied that now owned by Pragya, Mitali Bhabhi said that nothing was alive

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