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The episode began with Prachi told Pragya that when the doctor told Papa about this, Papa said that his heart stopped beating since FUGGI went and what he would do with the heart and other organs. He said when the doctor asked him to take medicine. Papa refused to say if Fuggi could not make him take medicine, the cure would not apply because everything was futile without FUGGI.

He said he wanted Fuggi and Fuggi here. He said if anyone can make it alright then that’s you. He said you were Fugggi, when we went to the clinic, he said that he was abandoned by his family, sold out, etc. He asked if Papa did not have the right to live a normal life, and said Destina was connected, both of you were married. He said he was the father of your children and asked him to save him. He said if you can forgive yourself if something happens to him, you will blame yourself because he can’t save him. He said he went in depression after he lost you and his daughter. He asked him to save him because he was Fugggi and his love.

He asked if he didn’t care about him and went for him to die. Pragya raised his hand to slap him, but stopped. He said he didn’t talk about his death anymore.

He hugged him and cried. Pragya said I was angry with him. Prachi asked him to take his anger at him, but contact Papa here. Pragya cried and said I would take it here. He hugged him. Sushma came and smiled. Pragya apologized for being angry with him and asked about Ranbir. Prachi said Ranbir went to drop Papa’s house. Sushma asked Prachi to stay here tonight. Pragya asked whether Ranbir was waiting for him, and asked him to always be with him. Pragya asks the number.

Ranbir called Prachi. Pragya said he would pull his ear and would ask him to always take care of him. Prachi Thank you Sushma to treat her Maa. Sushma asked her to call her Badi Maa. Ranbir said he was outside. Prachi came out and hugged him. He said Maa looked good and said that they spoke. He said Maa asked about you and wanted to pull your ears. Ranbir said let’s go inside.

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Prachi said not now, Maa was tired. He said Maa agreed to take him here. Ranbir said since he knew about Tanu who wanted to sell it, he really felt bad. He said he went to drop it, and felt bad to see negative people like Tanu and Aaliya. He asked him not to tell anything at home. Ranbir said your family was mine.

Pragya saw Abhi’s photo and thought of their moments. He thought he didn’t know how he felt when he knew that I was ready to buy it. He thought he wanted to take him here, take care of him and give him a good life. He said he would give money to Tanu, he did this for Prachi and himself.

Ranbir rang the doorbell. Rhea opened the door. He asked where Soni? He said Soni went to his room. He said he was waiting because Prachi would come. He thanks Rhea to help Prachi. Prachi told Ranbir that he would tell him everything. Rhea looked at Ranbir and became emotional, when he left. Prachi called Rhea and asked him to listen. Rhea asked him to say.

Prachi said Maa was still alive. Rhea became emotional, then remember Pragya attended Prachi and Ranbir’s wedding and said that he had forgotten his past, and this Rhea was new, and he did not want to think or remember his past, said that he was not ready for it. He said then you can tell me how mother. He walked away from there and thought well he didn’t forget anything or not forget anyone. He said he just wanted Ranbir.

Tanu saw a dream that Aaliya, Mitali and Dadi stole money from under her bed. Dadi came there and asked why did he shout? Tanu said my dream would be fulfilled and I would get money.

Dadi asked him to go and take water. Tanu refused. Dadi goes to take water. Abhi wakes up. Mitti saw him wake up and come out to call Aaliya. Aaliya went inside and scolded him, told him that Ranbir came to drop it and behave as if he only cared about you. He asked how you were hurt? He said he was drunk. Tan.

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