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Twist of Fate Thursday 7th October 2021 Zee World A man entered the police station, he looked around before walking to the inspector, he was with his lawyer who asked him to sit, the lawyers answered him was Purab Khanna’s lawyer and they were here for Guaranteed Tanu Mehra, Inspector asked what Purab work, he answered no Any column, Purab replied that he was not too famous but the person who came before he was Rockstar.

the inspector was tense to say that he didn’t think that person was a rock star, Purab answered he didn’t show off his wealth even when he was a rock star so how he would Taking any side now, Inspector said he lived in a Chawl, Purab replied that Abhi rose from the ground so it was not afraid.

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Twist of Fate Thursday 7th October 2021 Zee World The police asked Tanu to come out because he had received a guarantee, Tanu answered he knew he would get a guarantee because he could not live in a place like this, he called out that he was once a supermodel but they were all destroyed, the police reply he also wanted to be an actor But Shahrukh Khan hit him to Mumbai and became a superstar, Tanu said he also had to leave when another idiot would leave the city, Tanu came to the inspector.

He thanked him in excitement but was surprised to see Purab, he asked him to come with him, he thanked him for getting a guarantee, Purab answered he did nothing like Abhi, he saw him with the police, Tanu asked if he would stop drinking because he was Even starting with the police, Tanu told Purab that people usually hold someone’s hand to relieve stress,.

Abhi chose alcohol that destroyed even the most respectful people, but did not drink anything, Abhi remembered how he was banished from Pragya’s house, he Not even listening to it, Purab Sensing has a problem asking what the problem is like now all the problems have been resolved, Abhi doesn’t say anything that explains the problem at that time he must answer his questions.

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Twist of Fate Thursday 7th October 2021 Zee World Tanu saw the car was really excited, thinking he would now get a ride after so long, he planned to take a longer route so he could relieve stress, he began to take Selfie, Abhi asked him to enter.

The car entered the Chawl, the whole family stood together with all the neighbors wondering who might come, Dadi along with Mitali Bhabhi exclaimed maybe Pragya who will come to take them with him, the neighbors also exclaimed. Someone is really rich. Mitali asked if he could make dinner, Aliya asked him to make it because it wasn’t Pragya.

They got out of the car, Dadi was surprised to see Purab, he came to look for thanks to Dadi, Mitali was asked to bring water, but he said that he would make tea, the neighbors said that the whole family spoke English but had a lot of big connections.

The neighbors said that they felt they had to fight with Tanu like now he had also returned, Aliya began fighting with them, they asked him to step besides from the car, Aliya said that he was her husband, the answer to her husband who left her, she would slap her But the neighbor stopped him, Tanu asked Aliya to put aside because these people were not worthy of the contest.

Abhi carries a wooden bed, Purab sitting with Abhi has tea, Mitali does not carry biscuits, when he was asked, Mitali said that they had finished, Purab said unnecessary, he insisted that Abhi came with him to his house, Abhi. An unnecessary reply is that Purab is the person who handles all cases and pays off debts along with legal charges, he cannot receive more help from him, because he will not be able to look at him because of shame. , Purab answered he was an orphan when Abhi made him at home, since then

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