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Twist of Fate Tuesday 12th October 2021 Zee World Abhi and Pragya met face to face. Abhi was very happy after seeing Pragya. He said to him that he knew he was still alive. He tried to approach him, but Pragya asked him to stay away from him and tell him that now there is no relationship between them. Then Sushma called the guards and asked them to remove Abhi from this house. Abhi went to Vikram’s house to ask for help. There Pallavi insulted him and asked him to leave. Then, Purab helped Abhi and got the Tanu released.

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The word Pallavi and Pragya continued to ring in Abhi’s mind. He then invited Purab to his house and asked him to meet Baljit Dadi. Alia went into a small fight with another woman in Chaul when they roamed around Purab and Badmouth about her and Tanu. Purab asked Abhi to come with him. Abhi refused to go with him and remind him of the blessings he had done for him. Purab continued to ignore Alia and told him that he did not want to be with him again. Then, Abhi asked everyone to step in because he wanted to talk to them.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 12th October 2021 Zee World He asked them why no one told him about the return of Pragya? Dadi explained that Alia asked her to remain silent because her heart was weak. When Abhi asked Alia and Tanu why they lied to him, Tanu incited Abhi against Pragya by reminding him of Rhea. Then he tried to make him believe that Pragya hated him and he came here only to take revenge. Abhi defends Pragya but can’t say much. Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi saw a falling star and made hope for each other. Pragya locked himself in the room and shouted his heart.

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Twist of Fate Tuesday 12th October 2021 Zee World Then he received a call and knew that Sushma had put Mehra Mansion at auction. Pragya told Sushma that she could not let go of the house because of Dadi. Then Sushma told him that if he saw a sign of weakness to him then he would not stop the auction.

Alai Mad Tanu Tense for Pragya. Prachi saved Pallavi from an accident but was insulted in return. Then, when Prachi saw photos of women on their bed, he questioned Ranbeer about it. He explained that he was looking for a girl for Siddharth.

Dadi brought a newspaper for Abhi and he learned about auctions. He decided to visit the house for the last time. In Bangalore, Rhea caught Siddharth’s attention when he was spoiled by a passing car. Siddharth found himself pulling towards him. Tanu could not find Abhi and then he read the newspaper and understood that Abhi had gone to Mehra’s house and was worried.

Elsewhere, Prachi re-helped Pallavi and insulted. Pallavi explained to him why he has so hated him, leaving Prachi crying. Pragya went to Mehra Mansion and became emotional while remembering her memory with Abhi. He called Sushma and told him that he was right.

Sushma told him that that’s why he didn’t stop the auction. Meanwhile, Abhi also arrived there. Pragya was stuck in the room because the gate was locked.

Abhi talked to him from the outside but he told him that he did not want to talk to him. Then he suddenly got a problem in breathing. Abhi broke the gate and entered inside. Pragya asked him to stop showing false concerns for him. Then he fell on his arm. Secretary Pragya told Sushma about his condition. Sushma reached there and asked Abhi to leave. Then the doctor arrived and gave an injection to Pragya. Then Abhi will leave from there but Pragya stops him.

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