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Twist Of Fate update Thursday 7th April 2022 Zee World
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Twist Of Fate update Friday 24th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Rhea taking steps to end it all and keeps blade on her wrist. Pallavi and Vikram asks her to avoid this. Ranbir attempts to stop her. Rhea says don’t even think about saying anything. Dida says you are obstinate and exploiting our integrity. Rhea becomes irate. Pallavi says say nothing. Vikram requests that she hush up. Rhea requests that Dida stay away and says I can’t be distant from everyone else, and says in the event that I stay alone, individuals’ contemplations will be demonstrated freedoms, that Prachi and Sid sold out us and left. Dida says who says this? Rhea says my companions say. Dida says leave such companions.

Rhea says will I kick the bucket. She lets Ranbir know that he kept Prachi in his heart, however she cherishes Sid and not you. She says Prachi is living with Sid and you are living in her recollections. She asks what I will do? She says you would rather not continue on, and not allowing me to continue on. She says for what reason would you say you are halting me to carry on with the life? She says I am not offing myself, you are driving me to kick the bucket. Ranbir attempts to grab the blade from her hand and says we will cause them to understand that they can’t demolish our lives, and we will be blissful without them. She says we won’t do what society requests that we do? Rhea says on the off chance that he won’t wed me. She says I realize you won’t wed me and need to give a solid message to Prachi and Sid. She says I won’t adjust my perspective and will bite the dust. Ranbir grabs blade from her hand and tosses it. She picks it once more. Ranbir twists down on his knees and proposes her for marriage.

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Rhea drops the blade and says OK, I will wed you. She holds his hand and embraces him. Pallavi and Vikram are cheerful. Dida is stunned. Ranbir says make the courses of action for marriage and goes. Dida says Ranbir… you. Ranbir goes out, while miserable tune plays. Rhea says I am sorry Daddy. Pallavi says its alright. Vikram says we believe that all should be well. Rhea says you are great guardians, much obliged for saving me. Dida goes to converse with Ranbir.

Prachi will not completely accept that Sid and says Rhea deceived you. Sid says Pallavi Chachi enjoyed Rhea generally and rhea adored Ranbir, and that is the reason they made the arrangement, to remove us from their lives. He says I came to converse with you, however Sushma aunt halted me. He says then I went to Bangalore, and afterward attempted to called you, yet it was changed. He says I was unable to let you know that Ranbir dislike he shows up. Prachi says Rhea deceived you and says that episode was lamentable, and Ranbir couldn’t imagine this even in his fantasies.

She says on the off chance that he will do this to isolate from me. She says I could concur that Pallavi aunt could collaborate with Rhea, however Ranbir can’t do this. She says his heart was broken, and I sympathized with his aggravation in his eyes. She says my Ranbir can’t do this. Sid says we can discuss Rhea. He asks didn’t you feel that Rhea has Ranbir in her heart. Prachi reviews the occurrences, when she sees Rhea with Ranbir. She says it very well may be in Rhea’s eyes and not in Ranbir’s eyes. Sid says fail to remember that you cherished Ranbir then you will comprehend. Prachi says I won’t hear anything against him. She says I love him still and he is my better half still. She says he adores me similarly and will tell this himself. She says I am giving him time, as Maa says that time recuperates everything. She says I realize that all will be great between us. Sid requests that she sit. Prachi says I am unwell and requests that he go. She asks the inn staff woman to take more time to her room.

Twist Of Fate update Friday 24th April 2022 Zee World: Dida comes to Ranbir and says don’t do this marriage. She says I didn’t let you know anything, and says Prachi and you. He says I would rather not talk about her. Dida says how might you wed her, as she threatened to self destruction. She says this is coercing, how might you be cheerful. Ranbir says he is wedding for his folks’ satisfaction. Dida gets some information about your satisfaction. He says it doesn’t make any difference, I did everything with my decision, what did I get? Dida says satisfaction was with me, yet you got her wrong. Ranbir says this is Prachi’s strength and says we can’t acknowledge what she has done, and says might be it is her enchantment and so on. Dida expresses out loud anything that you have seen was not right. Ranbir says fail to remember it, and says that was treachery and this is reality. He says you will be cheerful and I can’t see you miserable. Dida thinks I wish, I could work on something for yourself and says I won’t concur that Prachi has double-crossed you.

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Sushma chats on call and says she is in Bangalore. Prachi asks lodging staff part to take more time to her Badi Maa’s room. Prachi rushes to washroom. The staff part inquires as to whether she will call the specialist and tells about the medication box. Prachi asks where it is? The staff part says it is in the cabinet. Prachi says she is fine and requests that she go. The staff part goes.

Rhea comes to her room joyfully and reviews Ranbir’s proposition. She thinks I am getting hitched to my first love, and says she is getting hitched to Ranbir, it is her fantasy to become Mrs. Ranbir Kohli. She inquires as to whether it is dream and moves. Pallavi comes there and says its alright. She says I realize you are extremely blissful and you have all the option to merit this satisfaction, you have forfeited a lot. She says I am extremely glad for yourself and says everything is going on as I needed a long while back, and says life is beginning before Prachi had come in our lives. She says I called Pandit ji and he said that tomorrow’s mahurat is great and afterward following a month. She says marriage will happen tomorrow.

Rhea conversed with Pandit ji and paying off him available for any emergencies to tell that the mahurat date is tomorrow. Pandit ji says there is no mahurat tomorrow. Rhea requests that he let Pallavi know that mahurat is great and says he will get twofold dakshini. Pandit ji says I won’t ever lie. Rhea says Lakshmi mata is coming in your home and requests that he let Pallavi know that tomorrow is the greatest day. Pallavi says I called the planner and requests that she select her wedding dress. Rhea says thank you kindly, you generally upheld me and dealt with me, however I genuinely hurt you.

She genuinely extorts Pallavi. Pallavi says I can comprehend. Rhea says you have dealt with me like your little girl, however my own mom don’t need my joy. She says you are my actual mother, and says we will have mother and little girl connection between us. Pallavi says works impeccably, and says you are as of now my little girl and says your and Ranbir’s marriage is fundamental. She says I am glad for you both. She says I will proceed to make declaration of your marriage and will let everybody know that Ranbir is wedding with my preferred young lady. She says she will tell Sid, and afterward Prachi will know ultimately. She says she will let them know that her youngsters will be cheerful generally after marriage. She goes to call Sid. Rhea becomes stressed.

Twist Of Fate update Friday 24th April 2022 Zee World: Prachi gets anxious and strolls in the room. The staff woman gives her lemonade and goes to the washroom. She gets the things kept there and says congrats Maa, you are pregnant. She shows her pregnancy location strip.

Precap: Prachi tells Sid, I didn’t swoon since you enlightened me regarding Ranbir’s marriage. I blacked out in light of the fact that I am pregnant. Sushma hears it. Dadi tells Rhea, the day you fall, you will get injured vigorously and that day, you can have haldi applied alongside mehendi. It will go about as medication on your injury. Rhea replies back saying let me get hitched once, then we will figure out who gets injured.


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