Twist Of Fate update Saturday 25th April 2022 Zee World

Twist Of Fate update Thursday 7th April 2022 Zee World
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Twist Of Fate update Saturday 25th April 2022 Zee World: Presently, the forthcoming episode begins when the worker of the inn will let Prachi know that she is pregnant and she gets cheerful in the wake of knowing this. She is eager to tell this to Ranbir however she understands that Ranbir offended her and he would rather not see her face.

She can’t go before Ranbir as he isn’t great since he offended her, says Prachi and can’t go to her. Afterward, Prachi becomes more acquainted with that Ranbir is getting hitched to Rhea and she understands that Sidharth was expressing consistent with her.

Whenever Ranbir is going to follow every one of the ceremonies of the wedded, Prachi arrives at there and says,” stop this marriage at the present time”. Everybody gets stunned subsequent to hearing this since she is back in Kohli’s home. Prachi comes to the wedding to uncover about Rhea. Prachi says that how might he get hitched to Rhea since she is a con artist.

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She uncovers that she and his mom was together to isolate us since when Sidharth and she went to the lodging to figure out the offender behind her parent’s mishap. She expresses that right now, Pallavi and Rhea with one another and they made Sidharth and her oblivious and locked inside the lodging.

Pallavi can’t accept this since she was not associated with this and Rhea gets stunned subsequent to realizing that Prachi knew it all. She uncovers everything about Rhea and Rhea becomes irate over her and holds her hand to toss her out of the wedding. She says that everything was arranged when he came here. Prachi says that she is going to turn into a mother of his youngster. She additionally uncovers that Pallavi generally detested her and Rhea generally needed him.

Twist Of Fate update Saturday 25th April 2022 Zee World: Rhea says that she is lying and asks Ranbir to don’t come as would be natural for him. Yet, sadly, she will get to realize that it is a fantasy for her. As a general rule, Prachi ranges to Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding. She gets oblivious and set down on the floor. Abruptly, Ranbir sees her and passed on his wedding to save Prachi’s life.

At the point when the two of them will be found in the rescue vehicle, Prachi says that she is going to turn into a mother and Ranbir gets cheerful however Ranbir additionally blows up in light of the fact that he will imagine that it very well may be an offspring of Sidharth also. The Episode Ends.


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