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Twist Of Fate update Thursday 24th March 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Rhea inquiring as to whether Ranbir does this with her. Prachi says Ranbir could do without little things, he is unique and even we battle, yet don’t drag it for a really long time. She says we realize that battle won’t be super durable, yet the connection will be long-lasting. She asks her not to allow inner self to divide them and even we remember this. She requests that she call Sid and inquires as to whether he is as yet irate, then, at that point, chasten him and requests that he end the battle. She requests that she tell that she cherishes him a ton and afterward his resentment will go. Rhea says alright, you go, I will call him. Prachi says I realize you will deal with and requests that she persuade him and tell her. She embraces her and goes.

Rhea figures the reason why don’t they comprehend that as opposed to calling Sid, I want to go to Bangalore with Ranbir, I don’t think why they are not sending Ranbir with me, I concocted rationalization to go there. She says Sid will left Bangalore, when we arrive at there. She figures then I will profess to be unwell and afterward Ranbir must accompany him. She thinks for what reason are they not wanting to send him with me. She figures they could perceive that Ranbir will go with you and I will say, its fine. Soni comes there and says Pallavi maam is calling you. Rhea goes to Pallavi. Pallavi says you will go to Bangalore. Rhea says I can’t travel solo and can’t request that anybody show up with me. She says like you are occupied and Daddy has quite recently become fine, Prachi deals with kitchen and Dida. She says I can’t ask Dida and figures they ought to have informed that Ranbir will go with you.

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Twist Of Fate update Thursday 24th March 2022 Zee World: Pallavi says Ranbir will go with you, you won’t have any issue. Rhea gets blissful and says how might Ranbir accompany me, he needs to accomplish office function as Sid hasn’t arrived. Vikram says I will deal with the workplace work. Rhea says Daddy however. He says you are calling me uncle, with whom you used to gripe about others, you used to trust me, and says when your Dad was not with you, I was with you. He says when I came to be familiar with what Sid has done, he requests that she go to the marriage and appreciate. Rhea says Prachi will feel terrible, as she needs to accomplish house work alone. Pallavi says we are with her and says Ranbir will drop you to Sid’s lodging. Rhea says you will inquire as to whether he will drop me. Pallavi calls Ranbir.

Tanu admonishes Shagun for not making delicious food. Mitali says you don’t know even to make tea. Pragya comes there. Mitali asks it is great that you came, for what reason do you give cash to them. Aaliya says you have caused them to sit on your head, and requests that they take everything from the table. Mitali says when there is no margarine, oil in paratha and asks where did they go? Tai ji says they more likely than not taken that multitude of things to their home. Tanu says don’t make nourishment for me, another person will make nourishment for me. Tai ji asks Pragya not to feel terrible, says your home is great, yet your Servants resemble Dhaba laborers and requests that she have a few decent Servants. Pragya says you both will take off.

Shagun and other Cook asks them not to discharge them. Shagun says Sushma ji and Dadi enjoyed the food. Other Cook says Dadi loved it, in the event that she had not gone to sanctuary then she would have said. Pragya says both of you will have an occasion. Shagun and other cook ask her not to discharge them. Pragya says how could you have the misconception that I am terminating you of your work. She says when no one like the food made by you, why to make food. She requests that they proceed to accomplish other work of the house. Tanu asks what is like this, I don’t like. Pragya says I would rather avoid your direction and says you shouldn’t have treated Shagun and Aanchal along these lines. Aaliya asks how did we respond? Pragya says you ought to be appreciative for their work. Aaliya says you are offending us. Pragya requests that they proceed to make food anything they like.

Tanu says we will get a similar regard as you. Pragya requests that she stay as visitors and reasons herself. Mitali and Tai ji tell that Pragya is changed. Abhi comes there. Tanu says Pragya has offended Aaliya, Tai ji, Mitali and me and moved the plate from infront of me. Aaliya says she requested that we make nourishment for us and offended us. Pragya comes there and asks Shagun where is her vehicle key? Abhi says I am eager. Pragya requests that he eat. He says I don’t have any idea how to make breakfast, they are here a direct result of me. He says they moved to chawl because of me and I was drinking and couldn’t help them.

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Pragya says you can accomplish such a great deal for you as well as your loved ones. Abhi says they are not remaining in chawl, I did. Pragya says this is my home and they are remaining here a direct result of me. Abhi requests that she quit offending them. Pragya requests that he request that they quit offending her kin. Shagun comes and says key isn’t there. Abhi has the key and tells that he will go about his business, he didn’t leave. Tanu, Tai ji and Aaliya request that Mitali make food. Mitali requests that they have scrumptious food kept on the table. Aaliya requests that she make. Mitali thinks her fate is as yet unchanged.

Ranbir comes to the corridor. Pallavi requests that he go with Rhea to Bangalore, as she can’t go alone, and you need to take her. She asks when is the marriage? Rhea says day after tomorrow. Pallavi requests that he take her tomorrow. Ranbir says he can’t go, he has such a lot of work and needs to deal with the undertaking as well.

Vikram says I will accomplish the work. Rhea says how you will make due? Vikram says I will oversee and accomplish the work. Dida says I will go with Rhea. Rhea says how might you accompany me, because of your medical problems. She says wishes satisfy in mayka and not in sasural, says she will illuminate her companion that she can’t come. Ranbir says its great that you concurred. Pallavi calls Prachi and tells that Ranbir is declining to take Rhea to the lodging and requests that she persuade Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir will drop her, assuming he denied.

Ranbir asks Pallavi for what good reason did she call Prachi. He requests that Rhea gather her sacks. Rhea says once I arrive at there, I will chide Sid. She expresses gratitude toward Pallavi and Prachi. She says sorry Prachi, you need to deal with basically everything alone. Prachi asks her not to stress and send them photographs. Dida is far fetched about Rhea and goes from that point. Pallavi requests that Rhea gather her packs. Rhea goes to Vikram and says Daddy, thank you kindly. Vikram says you said it with your heart, I will keep you cheerful consistently.

Twist Of Fate update Thursday 24th March 2022 Zee World: Ranbir calls Sid and inquires as to for what reason did you go to Bangalore? Sid thinks about Rhea’s words and says she knows it. Ranbir says you composed a note to her and says I need to carry Rhea to Bangalore because of your response. Sid says why you are bringing her, she can come alone. Sid gets dicey. Ranbir says she needs to come there for her companion’s wedding. He says she cherishes you a ton and says he will drop Rhea to air terminal and requests that he pick her. Sid inquires as to whether Prachi concurred. Ranbir says OK, Prachi needs her significant other to disappear from her. Sid says she is remaining behind you. Ranbir says I need her to pay attention to me. Sid asks her not to battle with him. Prachi says we will talk later. She attempts to encourage him and inquires as to whether she kiss him, then, at that point, will he converse with her.

Precap: Prachi inquires as to whether he will give his heart to another person’s. Ranbir says until you are with me, I won’t check anybody out. Prachi grins. Aaliya deceives Rhea and says your mother had pushed your Dad, says she needs to kill him. Rhea says Mom needs to kill Dad. She sees Abhi and Pragya sitting in the vehicle and driving off. She gets stunned.


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