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UNIABUJA Post UTME Past Questions & Answers | 2021/2022 UNIABUJA Post UTME Exam Focus

UNIABUJA Post UTME Past questions
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UNIABUJA Post UTME Past Questions

The University of Abuja is a very competitive school and if you want to get a ticket into it so you won’t waste your time and score for this special reception year, you must prepare yourself correctly using past schools.

The University of Abuja has the habit of repeating past questions and you can use it completely. In cases, they only change numbers or change the way they ask questions. If you can buy the latest copy of this last question, you will get a nod and success will be at your fingertips because you already get a scheme that they can use to confuse you when asking questions.

If you are among those who are looking for questions like [uniAbuja post utme past answers, post advance past questions and answer 2021, 2021 post utme questions, uniAbuja post utme then question, pdf & answer | 2021/2022 UniAbuja Post Uju Exam focus], then know you are not the only one.

But in this post, you will get free UniAbuja post questions in the past but if you need that for the past few years like last year, you need to order for paid.

Remember your success directly proportionally with not only your hard work but also your smart job

This skill test is an extension of the examination of the frame where candidates are expected to pass to get into any university in Nigeria including the University of Abuja. It is important to know that most students who passed the pole test, finally did not pass their post. This requires basic preparation and strategies. Pay attention to these steps below: –

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How To Pass Post UTME Exams

This aptitude test is an extension of the JAMB examination in which candidates are expected to pass to gain admission into any university within Nigeria including the University of Abuja. It is important to know that most students who passed the JAMB examination, end up not passing their Post UTME. It requires basic preparations and strategies. Take Note Of These Steps Below:-


Always put your mind towards your goal either to be a lawyer, engineer, accountant, etc, always focus on the goal you wish you achieve. #your goal.


Reading has always been difficult for many students. In Post UTME exams they only focus on the subjects of the course you intend to study, so it makes it easier for you to study. Along with reading, study your post utme past questions and familiarize yourself with them. Don’t expect repeated questions in the same format because they may be changed. # like you all know this exam will be in form of a Computer Based Test(CBT). I believe by now you must have completed this step.


Fear is one of the greatest killers for someone who wants to pass his or her Post UTME, do not be intimidated by the number of people you see writing the same course with you, someone who fears has already been defeated and has already failed 89% of his or her Post UTME, never you allow fear to overshadow you, because someone afraid can never concentrate, try and free your mind, if possible sing inspirational songs, speak to yourself, encourage and give hope to yourself, if you can remove fear in you, then you are already on the road to success.


When answering your questions make sure you answer the ones you know first before
attempting to answer others.

When answering your questions, make sure you answer your English first before moving to another subject, it is belief and proof that English will help to boost your score because it is a general subject and a language spoken every time.


There are instructions in every exam, especially in the Post UTME exam, You have to follow the instructions in other for your work to be accepted, make sure you read the instruction very well before you start answering any question. Take along with you, your post utme print out.

6) Pray to God

This is the most important part. There is nothing God cannot do. Before going to the exam hall commit everything in the hands of God, do the same thing after you are through with the exam.


If you can follow their easy steps, you will be admitted this year (you will pass your Post UTME).

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Time allowed: 30 minutes
Read the following instructions carefully

1. Use HB pencil to shade in your answers, Ensure that any shading in error is thoroughly erased.
2. Candidates should write their full names (surname first). JAMB Registration number. Paper code, Sex. JAMB score. Faculty of first and second choice and the Question Paper Option Given to them in the appropriate spaces on the Answer Sheets.
3. Attempt all questions.
4. The use of calculators and/or similar electronic devices is NOT allowed

Read passage 1 below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Each question carries 2 marks


How can people be sure that they are truly marrying people with whom they are truly compatible? One way is
by taking time to get to know the other person. Researchers have found that couples seem to go through three
stages in this process. First, each person tries to measure his or her good and bad qualities against those of the
other person. People tend to be drawn to others who seem to have about the assets and liabilities they themselves possess. Second, people look for compatible beliefs, attitudes, and interests to support the initial
attraction. It is not until the third stage that people reveal to each other how they handle responsibilities, react to
disappointments and cope with a wide variety of situations. The key to compatibility is for the couple to be sure
that they have arrived at this last stage before they think seriously about marriage. Such people are less likely to
be unpleasantly surprised than those who marry quickly.

1. According to the author couples get to a crucial stage in their relationship (a) when they show their assets and liabilities (b) when they display responsibility and positive attitudes (c) when they look for compatible beliefs and attitudes (d) when they show how they react to circumstances

2. From the passage, we learn that compatibility is measured in terms of (a) good and bad qualities (b) adequate knowledge of each other (c) individual responsibility (d) reactions to a variety of situations

3. The primary audience(s) for the above passage is (a) young unmarried adults (b) people seeking compatibility in their partner (c) those who fall in love at first sight (d) the general public and marriage counselors

4. The best title for the passage is (a) researches on marriage compatibility (b) liabilities and assets in marriage (c) compatibility in marriage (d) responsibility in marriage

5. To be unpleasantly surprised” in the passage means to be (a) physically prepared for any eventuality (b) psychological prepared for my eventuality (c) seriously shocked by the outcome of the union (d) taken unawares when marriage is done

UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions

How to Download UNIABUJA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers:

The cost of the newly updated UNIABUJA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 naira only for four subjects combination.

For instance, you are writing for UNIABUJA Post UTME for Medicine & Surgery, you will be required to purchase at least four subjects which are;

Use of English




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