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WAEC Civic Education Answers 25th May 2022 is very essential because so many candidates have been in search of it, we have been receiving messages from several WAEC aspirants all over West Africa regarding the 2022 WAEC Financial Accounting questions and answers.

We have gotten the WAEC Civic Education Answers on 25th May 2022  VERIFIED ESSAY AND OBJECTIVE ANSWERS exhibition/runs OBJ and hypothesis ( questions and answers ). If you’re keen on getting the break papers 3hrs before the test’ keep perusing to perceive how to get it here without any problem. Right financial WAEC Civic Education Answers 25th May 2022 VERIFIED ESSAY AND OBJECTIVE ANSWERS questions and replies to retain or duplicate before the beginning of the test.

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Civic Education 2 (Essay) 08:30 hrs. – 10:30 hrs.
Civic Education 1 (Objective) 10:30 hrs. -11:30 hrs.


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Human rights simply means the absolute natural rights and privileges enjoyed by the citizens of any given state which are usually outlined by the constitution of the state.

(i) Being detained by law for an offence committed
(ii) During wars, a person’s right can be violated
(iii) During a curfew
(iv) When a citizen has a contagious or an infectious disease.

(i) To guarantee the liberty of citizens: It guarantees a total safeguard of human right, peace and unity in the society as the constitution is a body of laws and principles through which a state is ruled

(ii) To make sure the rights of citizens are not violated: Laws that are not written in the constitution are unknown to law, they cannot be exercised or sanctioned when violated.

(iii) To punish violators: The written form of human right gives room for a provision of a section for punishment of an offender or someone who infringed on someone’s right.

(i)Express Love and Affection.
(ii)Communicate Effectively.
(iii)Manage Your Own Stress.
(iv)Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Child’s Other Parent.
(v)Teach Responsibility.

(i)Reduction In Crime
(ii)Responsible Citizens
(iii)Harmonious Co-existence in Home
(iv)Disciplined Society
(v)Obedient Students, Youths And Staff

– Breakdown of law and order.
– Violence and social instability.
– Disruption of academic activities.
– Disorientation of societal values.
– Premature death of youths who are cult members/innocent victims.

– Parents should pay more attention to their children’s upbringing and educate
them properly on acceptable standards of behaviour.
– Students should be encouraged to join religious groups and develop the fear of God because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
– Students should be encouraged to workol hard in school.
– Parents should show good examples to their children.
– The teaching and learning environment should be conducive.


*5a.* 1 Fear of contacting hiv from them.

2. The judgemental part of thinking people who have hiv contacted it through immoralities.

3. Lack of enlightenment on how hiv works.

4. Outdated beliefs of some people concerning the disease.

5. The dreaded nature and assumptions of the disease


1. Inability of the patients to work owing to the illness can lead to dearth of human resources.

2. The dependents on the patients will suffer poverty and loss of goals.

3. The production life of the society will dwindle.

4. Good number of investable capital will be wasted of taking care of the sickness.

5. More people will be in danger of being exposed to the sickness owing to it’s spread which will underpopulate such society


Political party is defined as organised group of citizens, who act together as a political unit having distinctive aims and objectives involving political questions in the state and acting together and seeking to obtain control of government.

Secret balloting
Counting of votes
Division into constituencies
Preparation of voters register
Initidation of voters
Opportunity to campaigns


(i)Provisions of higher education
(ii)Provisions of technical and vocational education
(iii)Provisions of special scholarship program
(iv)Increase budgetary allocation for education
(v)Making grant available for business development

(i)To promote national unity
(ii)To inculcate the discipline and spirit of patriotism in the youth for national development
(iii)To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy
(iv)To live and work in any part of Nigeria
(v)To make skills available to areas of need in any part of Nigeria

Pro-democracy demonstration definition: A demonstration is a march or gathering which people take part in to show their.

labor group is an organization that engages in collective bargaining with an employer to protect workers’ .

Professional group is an association that is formed to further the interests of people engaged in a specific profession

Religious groups bring people together for regular ritual interactions, and these interactions take place in defined settings controlled by religious movements

Student Group means a number of persons who are associated with a school and each other, but who have not registered

(i)Negative or poor attitude to work: Civil servants are known to display poor attitude to work due to inadequate salaries, poor working conditions and absence of job security.

(ii) Bureaucracy: Civil servants follow precedents and adhere strictly to official rules when carrying out decisions and policies of government.

(iii)Political instability:
Continuous change of government brings along a change of political appointees like ministers, commissioners and career top civil servants such as the head of service and sometimes the directors-general.

(iv)Political interference: The intervention of the government in the day-to-day administration of the civil service does not give the civil servants the necessary freedom to carry out government policies effectively.

(v)Duplication of offices and position: The civil service is often criticized for wasting financial and manpower resources, and retaining unproductive workers with the creation of ministries, departments and positions with similar functions.

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Are you looking for how to pass WAEC ? in this post am going to share with you 19 Excellent Tips on How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting make sure you read this article to the end and don’t forget to share it on social media.

19 Excellent Tips on How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting


  One of the most effective ways to make your waec papers in one sitting is by first of all drawing an intensive study plan which must be followed accordingly in other to archive the goals of a drawn plan.

A good study plan should include drafting a very intensive timetable according to the subjects you are sitting your focus should be on those key subjects you are about to write. the time to study those courses must be followed effectively and on account should you use the time for a particular drafted course for another. If you are a science or an art student you should note the general courses you are sitting in for too.

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the subjects of your specialty should have a long study time frame to enable you to cover up your waec scheme of work because those head courses are more difficult than your general courses which you must have been treating all along with right from your junior secondary.

a good study plan should include mapping out a good study environment to enable you to understand whatever thing you will study, which might include calculations, experiments, & even formulas and derivations .note that certain subjects are well understood under particular environments and weather conditions eg, your mathematical courses should be scheduled during the morning periods when the weather is calm or in the evening to avoid the distraction of any form due to weather conditions &activities. a comprehensive and intensive study plan produces tremendous aid to enable you to pass your Waec examination in one sitting.


 While preparing for your wassce examination you should know that having a good study guide is very vital. After all, you are not going to read topics word by word to infinity because your questions are coming from vast topics so is important you read in between lines study with Waec syllables and scheme of work to enable you to have in mind the particular topics you will focus on so you don’t waste your time reading on irrelevant topics is true is said no knowledge is a waste but the exam you sitting for is a special a difficult so you ought to be conscious so that you will e able to clear your exams just in one sitting because to much study cases in your head makes you  UN able to get concrete and detailed information’s.



reading and going true your way past questions is one of the major tips on How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting,  It enables and helps you to sit for your waec papers and clear them just in one sitting because they keep your mind and brain refreshed and aware of then kind of questions you will see even help in cases of repetition of course which occurs most time so studying you past question according to you subjects Is very vital.

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a good study character entails that you should have rules and conditions to keep yourself while preparing for a serious examination such as waec, you don’t lay on the bed to read even laying on anything at all is abhorring you will sleep away so soon when you haven’t read a dame, sitting on the very well relaxed chair is inappropriate because you get tired easily and you will cover nothing in your scheme while your exams are fast approaching. note your best reading condition some read well width soft songs on their ears while some people can everybody aren’t they say some comprehend effectively on the very calm environment so they don’t need music’s and rhythms, some people understand well during the morning some evening while some even in a rowdy condition note that no two individual can be the same son know where your brain ability falls.



it is very important that while reading you read with your pen and jotter to enable you to jot out vital points and figures and solve mathematical expressions, for fast referencing purposes, and to enable take out your points. this is the most effective & intensive reading method.


  • Consider time factor :

Tick says the clock what you want to do quickly learn to manage your time very well,   regulate your time know when to rest, when to play and when to study. So you don’t mismanage your time even to get fewer results. switch your time. and also during your examination you are expected to must have finished attempting all necessary questions before the end of the scheduled time, this determines how fast you will be in attending to your question the faster you become the more it enables you to revise and cross-check your answers and enable you’ve because you can change the ones you weren’t correct about or sure of. time factor enables you to examine your work correctly.


Do not even think of giving answers just because you felt are correct, especially in the theory part of your question you must convince your lecturer that what you are saying is correct so he marks you high.



Do not even think of using abbreviations so you don’t complicate marking for your examiner no matter the subject in the contest hence he is an external body and may not be able to understand the abbreviations and customized jargon that you are using might affect the examiner he might even cancel what you wrote because he can’t understand well you very well.

It could be very difficult in one sitting, but with the right approach and measures put in place, you can smash it in one sitting with flying colors.

Make sure you don’t also depend on examination malpractices because you would get disappointed along the line.

Don’t forget to read with the appropriate curriculum and answer questions from the past questions.

having read the above post on How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting, it is now left for you to apply all the tips given above and see yourself excel in your WAEC examination.

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