WAEC Fisheries Practical 23th August 2021 Answers

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Waec Fishery Practical Specimens 2021

Fisheries specimen *
A = fertilize.
B = cow dung
C = pool water
D = seconds chi disk
E = fish water
F = knife.
G = fish flour
H = fish box
J = fish skin
K = net gill
L = Cast Net


Specimen A

WAEC Fisheries Practical 23th August 2021 Answers

WAEC Fisheries Practical 23th August 2021 Answers

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Waec Fisheries Practical Questions and Answers 2021
You are on this page because you want 2021 WAEC verify practical fisheries. Questions and answers will be posted here during the WAEC test on practical fisheries. Continue to check and re-control this page for the answer.

Do not worry on how to pass your exams, the question paper for this subject would not be posted now because of certain reasons which are  beyond our country but will be updated later as soon as possible

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