WAEC Literature In English Questions And Answers-OBJ-Prose-Drama Thursday 16th September 2021.

WAEC Music Questions and Answers 2022
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2021 WAEC Literature Answers Released 

See Waec Lit-in-English Questions for Objective, Prose, Drama & Poetry Here.

In this post, it is my great joy to share with you WAEC Literature In English Questions And Answers The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Literature-In-English papers will be written on Thursday 16th September 2021. this post has the content of both questions and answers to the released Literature (WAEC) Literature-In-English papers

Waec English Literature – Papers 1 & 2 and then 3, all of which must be taken on their assigned dates. Paper 1 & 2 (Objective and Prose) is a combined paper that will be taken at one sitting from 9:30 am to 10:45 am while Paper 3 (Drama and Poetry) will be written same day from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm which marks the end of the WAEC Literature in English exam.

In this post are samples of Waec literature in English questions for candidates that will participate in the 2021 examination. not really the real expo but the correct update will come soon.

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WAEC Literature  In English Questions And Answers-O

WAEC Literature Answers 2021 for Prose and Objectives.

PAPER 2 (Prose)
Answer ONE question only from each section. Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

SECTION A (African Prose)

Amma Darko – Faceless;
1. Examine the role and significance of Slyv Po in the novel.
2. Show how women are discriminated against in the novel.

Bayo Adebowale – Lonely Days
3. What impression do you form of Yaremi in the novel?
4. Examine the attitude of the Kufi people towards death in the novel.

SECTION B (Non-African Prose)

Richard Wright – Native Son;
5. What are Bigger’s reasons for his bitterness against the white man in the novel?
6. How does the media respond to the disappearance of Mary Dalton in the novel?

Horace Walpole – The Castle of Otranto;
7. Comment on the issue of male dominance in the

8. What does Theodore’s encounter with Isabella in the cavern in the forest reveal about his character? novel.


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