Wedding Planners Friday 14th January 2022 Starlife Updated

Wedding Planners Friday 14th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Friday 14th January 2022: The Episode begins with KT ensuring Kirti has no issues. Vishal comes to school. He contends with Preeti. The young lady gets terrified. Preeti asks him not to battle. She requests that the young lady Preeti go with her father. Vishal demands Preeti to go along. The young lady cries and goes. Preeti says there would be somebody from my past to make me meet myself. KT is in the vehicle. Her record papers fly over and adhere to his vehicle window. KT sees her verse and gets the paper. He understands it. Vishal stresses seeing the expense structure. He blows up on Mohi. He says I have no status to finish your confirmation here. KT comes and sees him chiding his little girl. Vishal contends and requests that he get lost. KT says I was additionally something similar, baffled, then, at that point, I comprehended that I was irate on myself, converse with your little girl well. Vishal requests that he get out. Chief looks on. KT and Vishal have a battle. KT says sorry to the young lady and leaves.

Shikha’s mum requests lunch. Preeti serves the lunch. She says don’t have a clue what’s going on in the school. Vishal and Preeti get back home. Preeti does the tilak to her and embraces. Little Preeti cries. She whines about Vishal. Preeti stresses. Vishal contends with Preeti. Preeti says I needed the young lady to have an existence of regard, you can chide me, tell nothing to Preeti, I had guaranteed Shikha, Preeti is more than my little girl, I will forever be her mum, assuming you figure I m a weight, you might consider anything.

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Wedding Planners Friday 14th January 2022: Vishal says she grabbed my better half, she needs to grab my girl. Kushala requests that Kirti come and have food. Kirti requests other dish. KT spoils Kirti. Kushala becomes vexed. Preeti wears an outfit and moves for the young lady. The young lady says I didn’t get confirmation. Preeti says I will get your affirmation there, pinky swear. She embraces the young lady and makes a petition that she satisfies her guarantee.

Its morning, KT peruses Preeti’s verse on the public broadcast. She gets stunned. She really takes a look at her papers. She says my sonnet… KT says I need to thank the individual who composed such a wonderful sonnet, personality is from you, wind up in yourself, what’s the need of the character who another person gives you, you are your own sky, right. Preeti says all will be great. She says I believe I have some old connection with you, I have heard you first, I feel like your words are to make my concerns simple, thanks retro Rangila.

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Head’s child gets stomach hurt. Preeti comes. Chief says we can’t help you. Preeti says quiet down, you give admission to staff’s youngsters right, I took the staff’s occupation in the school. Chief says sorry, I like your endeavors, yet we can’t disregard Vishal’s conduct. Preeti asks is he your child. She welcomes Shaurya. She says your mum is a rockstar, become like your mum, kid makes future on own, we should help youngsters, don’t grab the possibility from the kid. Chief says fine, Preeti will concentrate here, staff youngsters charges is 10000rs.

Wedding Planners Friday 14th January 2022: KT sees Preeti’s pic and converses with her. He says mother thinks I m ruining Kirti, I m giving her much love. Preeti joins the school staff. KT says show me how a mum saves a kid from ruining. Preeti sees Kirti crying. Kirti is harmed. Preeti says nothing will occur. She additionally acts to cry. She helps to Kirti. KT says meet Kirti and let me know if I have raised her well.

Kirti acts up with Preeti. Preeti makes her clean the floor. Kirti gripes about her to KT.


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