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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Friday 17th December 2021: The Episode begins with Kusum seeing Neelima and wishing her. Neelima says I m occupied with my visitors. Kusum says I m likewise your visitor. Neelima gets inconsiderate. Kusum says I need your two mins for a discussion, I realize you didn’t need us to come here, your connection with your child is rugged, I simply need to realize the reason why did you attempt to break Juhi and Preeti’s connection, on the off chance that KT knows this, he will feel awful. Neelima asks are you done. Kusum says another thing, I realize you would rather avoid Preeti, you didn’t need KT and Preeti’s union with occur, yet its done, Preeti has upheld KT when he was breaking, she remained as a safeguard, you should regard her, when you lives are connected to same individual, you need KT’s joy, why not and Preeti get together. Neelima goes. Neil acclaims Priyanka. He says I can pass this semester due to Priyanka. Neelima says she would be educated to trap young men of rich families, Preeti is a specialist in this. Priyanka feels awful and goes. Neil stops her and apologizes. He says Neelima isn’t awful on the most fundamental level, wouldn’t fret what she said.

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Wedding Planners Friday 17th December 2021: Neelima and KT contend. She requests that KT offer anything to Arjun without taking anybody’s guidance. KT gifts the shiny new vehicle to Arjun. Arjun expresses gratitude toward him and embraces. KT wishes him. Arjun goes to see the vehicle. Juhi goes. Neil says we can just hit the floor. KT thinks where is Preeti. Preeti wears the saree. She figures KT, you will be vexed however I trust you will get me. Nandini follows her. Preeti sees a light glimmering. She goes to check. Nandini locks her. Preeti yells for help. KT thinks for what reason is Preeti setting aside effort to come. He calls. She doesn’t reply. Arjun says I have seen the vehicle, its astounding. Nandini comes there. KT thinks its Preeti.

He thinks she looks wonderful. Preeti yells for help. Neil says your and Preeti’s dance is prepared, right. KT says OK. Neil declares their dance. Preeti looks on from the window. She stresses and says it implies Nandini had locked me here. KT holds Nandini. Preeti says no, KT needs to stop, I need to leave, yet how, there is no radio. KT figures the reason why do I feel anxious, I discover a sense of reconciliation with Preeti. Nandini figures I will win the test, I will do the dance together. Preeti breaks the window by a jar. She tosses her bangle towards KT. KT sees the bangle. KT and everybody go to see Preeti. KT gets stunned seeing Nandini with him. KT hurries to Preeti.

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Wedding Planners Friday 17th December 2021: He opens the entryway. Preeti embraces KT and cries. He reassures her. He asks who did this, Nandini… . He says I won’t leave Nandini. She says we can sit idle. He says she had worn the outfit and locked you here, assuming anything happened to you. She says no, Arjun will feel awful, please for the wellbeing of I, sit idle. He quiets down. They come first floor. Preeti meets Kusum, Priyanka and Juhi. She asks is everything fine. Juhi says OK. KT presents his significant other Preeti and commendation her. Nandini gets infuriated. Preeti figures this would have been the greatest day of my life, yet its equitable to make Nandini desirous. Nandini figures I won’t allow Preeti to win.


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