Wedding Planners Saturday 27th November 2021 Starlife Update

Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Saturday 27th November 2021: The episode starts with Preeti trying to talk to KT. He said it was the last contract, our partnership would end, no need to say anything. KT meets Arjun. They solve jokes. Arjun asked KT to have an almond milkshake. KT asked about it. Arjun says my fav, our choice is the same. KT reminded his wife Nandini made a special almond milkshake for him. KT asks who works. Arjun says mom makes it for you, she will come. KT asks where he is. Arjun left. Preeti asks if you are fine. KT says yes, this perfume. Arjun gets his mother. Nandini is in Ghunghat. He greeted them. KT looked at him.

Arjun asks why you did not drink almond milkshakes, the mother asked. KT said I couldn’t have it, I left the choice many years ago, I have allergic to almonds. Preeti asks if there is a special reason for this ghunghat. Arjun said he had a mannat, his father would take off Ghung him on the wedding day. KT says this perfume

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Arjun said Mom had applied it, his father fav. Preeti asked why your mother talked to us. Arjun said it was also his mannat, he would talk to my father, you would feel strange, but I would marry my parents, my mother loved my father, he had lived a lot of sadness in 17 years, he made mistakes and dads violated their relationship, me Promised him that I would get back father in his life. KT asks where your father is, what mistake. Arjun said Udaipur, I will convince father, just make a wedding arrangement in three days. KT asks what your parents’ name is. Arjun asks why. KT said we needed details for the wedding card. Arjun said I already had a card, print this. He gave the card. They saw Mummy Weds Papa written. He said it was unique, right. KT thinks this can’t be Nandini, but all this can’t be a coincidence.

He asked if it would happen in 3 days. Preeta asked KT to say. KT says how you are sure that you will convince your father in 3 days. Arjun said I would do it, you said the second chance must be given, the mistake must be forgiven. KT looks. Preeti says we will get a card. He asked KT to come. Nandini dropped flowers and took it. He touched the foot of KT. Arjun thinks mom really loves her. KT and Preeti leave. Nandini said 8 out of 10 today, focus and improve. Arjun nodded. Preeti said Arjun’s father was not ready, how we could arrange it. I remember Nandini.

He said I had some work, just leave. He went to ask at the reception. He asked about booking rooms. He said sorry, they are my clients, we are a wedding planner, I made a bill, told me that names I had to go and annoy again. Nandini thought the booking room was in my name, if KT knew that Arjun’s mother was me, the plan would fail, how to stop it. KT turned and saw Nandini. He hid. He thought it was Nandini or my illusion. Nandini thinks how to stop it. He called Arjun.

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Wedding Planners Saturday 27th November 2021: Arjun ran to stop the KT. He fell. KT went to see him. He took Arjun and asked for first aid. He tied his cow. Nandini thought my son was very loving me, he could do anything for me. KT said I would drop you to your room. Nandini thinks Arjun is done well, you hurt for me, it’s okay.

Preeti says this wedding dream is Dhola Maro, their relationship is like that, they will succeed on every problem and unite, we will make the marriage very special, we must focus on emotions. Sheena said we would decide on bridal clothes and groom. He ordered to ask about Sehra’s groom. Nandini answered and asked him to keep beads in Sehra, not interest, her husband was allergic to flowers.

Wedding Planners Saturday 27th November 2021:Preeti reads the message and said his final. Arjun said sorry. KT asked him to leave. He said you didn’t bind shoe lace. Arjun said I didn’t know. KT asks how old you are. Arjun said 17. KT said sitting, I would teach you. He binds lace. Arjun smiled. He thank you KT and said father wasn’t with me, so I didn’t know. KT says alright, you will get your father. Arjun asks will agree. KT said I mean you will convince him, be careful. Arjun hugged him.



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