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Wedding Planners Monday 10th January 2022: The Episode begins with Phurti saying you know it all, I will disappear. Preeti says stop, your mum was my Bua, you are my sister. Phurti says avoid me. Nurture gets the structure and requests that Preeti apply for surrogacy. She says anybody from the family can turn into your proxy, you talk at home. She goes. Phurti hears this and is stunned. She misconstrues Preeti and admonishes her. She says you got me treated with the goal that I become your proxy. Preeti says no, I didn’t think so. Phurti says I will return your cash, I got the means to travel to another country, I can’t do this. She goes out and sees the police. The examiner says we need to close the case, Preeti saved you and got you to the emergency clinic on ideal opportunity. He tells her beginning and end. FB shows certain individuals coming to grab Phurti. Preeti yells and calls the police. She illuminates the police. Hooligans say we are carrying this young lady to the line and sell her. Police stops the thugs’ vehicle and save Phurti.

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Wedding Planners Monday 10th January 2022: Preeti comes there with the police. FB closes. Phurti is stunned. She signs the structure. She runs back to Preeti. She says sorry, I didn’t realize you are so great, you got me treated with next to no egotistical intention, I will likewise work on something for you, I will think to convey yours and your better half’s youngster in my belly. Preeti embraces her. Phurti says its done from my side, I will rely on my instinct, I will get some information about this first. Kushala calls the specialist to be familiar with Preeti’s reports. Shivraj asks Neil for what valid reason did he pull out 3 lakhs from the records. Neil asks would i be able to say it later. Kushala stops him and asks who is changing your unfortunate quirks. Priyanka comes. Neil says I needed to shock Priyanka for our one month commemoration. He shows the bill to Kushala. Kushala goes on a call. Shivraj additionally goes. Kushala addresses the specialist. Preeti returns home.

Kushala asks can Preeti imagine, for what reason are you quiet, is everything fine. Preeti figures Kushala can’t acknowledge the shock. Specialist says its an awful news, Preeti can’t imagine, I have disclosed it to Preeti. Kushala cries. Preeti asks are you fine, didn’t you take bp meds. Kushala says specialist was saying you can’t consider. Preeti says simply quiet down, I requested that the specialist say this to you. She begins snickering and says you got stunned, right, it implies I needed to give you this uplifting news that my reports are fine. Kushala embraces her. She causes Kushala to have water. Kushala says we will simply be glad. She attaches the string to Preeti’s hand.

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Wedding Planners Monday 10th January 2022: KT returns and says salutes Preeti, your fantasy is satisfied. Preeti asks how would you know. KT says I got a call from Udaipur office of trade, they picked you for the best finance manager of the year. Preeti asks truly. He says OK. Kushala says we are getting a line of uplifting news today. KT says this was your fantasy. Preeti says its our fantasy, our honor. He embraces her. She cries and asks are you glad. He says exactly that as my fantasy got satisfied, I will always remember this day. She says me as well, the fantasy needs to get satisfied. Phurti asks and attempts to know whether she will go to London or help Preeti. Preeti additionally asks. Phurti says think well and tell me. KT says shirt button became broken. Preeti says I will fix it. She join the button. He asks are you fine. She says OK. He says you viewed a decent way as around me. She sees her saree getting sewed to his shirt. He snickers and sings. She figures I don’t have a lot of time, however I need to see you cheerful, I won’t inconvenience you by telling with regards to my sickness. She gets a call. He asks what’s the rush. She says Phurti… . He asks what. She comes up with a rationalization. He says Phurti/rushing isn’t great consistently, it regularly swindles.

KT and Kushala stress for Preeti. Preeti grins. Kushala asks are you pregnant. Preeti says OK. KT inquires as to for what reason did you lie to mother, it implies you are concealing something major, I can see a major dread in your eyes.


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