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Wedding Planners Monday 13th December 2021: The episode starts with Preeti saying I don’t mind Arjun staying here, but about Nandini. He scolds a lot. He said you hurt myself when insulting Nandini, you don’t think about it, you don’t know what he is a threat to us if he stays here. KT stops him from speaking further. He asked him to calm down. He said nothing like that, I thought well to bring Arjun here, I would tolerate Nandini until Arjun’s bonds with me, Arjun will come to me, Nandini will realize what happens when someone falls lonely. He stopped him and said you understood what you said, you wanted to make a strong relationship with Arjun to solve his relationship with Nandini, you just want to hurt him, what would be a result, you will burn in a hateful fire, I can’t see it. He cries. He said you only thought of Nandini, he would destroy us. He said no, there was nothing real between us, so he couldn’t destroy us, he was destroyed I was, I just wanted to get Arjun close to me, Nandini couldn’t come in between. He goes. Arjun said we had come to father’s house. Nandini said that like half the work done, you did not get full value now, the day I reached the room KT and Preeti went out, that day you will get full value. He said nothing, I’m your best son. He said yes.

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Wedding Planners Monday 13th December 2021: Arjun came for lunch. Nandini acts sweetly. The family member left the table saw it. KT asks Arjun to settle down, everyone needs time. He went to the family. He asked Shivraj only Arjun’s value, and tolerated Nandini. He said I had got his house for Arjun, please request me, tolerate it. Shivraj asks you to tolerate Nandini, tell me. KT said yes, I knew I was doing it for Arjun. Shivraj says alright, then I will also tolerate it because of you, I will support you. He asked the family to just remember that they did it for the sake of KT and Arjun. Preeti looks on. Family returned to the dining table. Nandini stopped Preeti and sat with KT. Arjun smiled. Everyone looks at. Nandini said everything got the same as before, I used to sit next to you on the left side, you used to say the heart on the left side. Preeti thought why I felt nervous that Nandini sat with KT. Arjun Signs of KT did not wake up. KT thought I would tolerate this for my child. Nandini thought I would do anything for KT. Neil asked Preeti to sit. Neelima spoils Arjun.

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Nandini asked KT to pass the rice. looks preeti and thinks why I feel bad. KT took the side preeti. He asked him to sit with him before Nandini came. He asked on the left side. He said I knew you didn’t love me, but we had to pretend in front of Nandini, you have to show that you love me, that we can’t live without each other, like a happy married couple. He said like you and Nandini. He said we had to show that we love each other many others, help me fun. He nodded. He is grateful. He goes. He saw the shadow and went to see. He saw some left jewelry as a guide. He went to see. He saw Nandini in the room. Nandini argues with him.


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Wedding Planners Monday 13th December 2021: He said all these things had my KT and memories, you did not have the right to KT. Preeti said this truth was the biggest, KT and my marriage, was seen there. He showed the wedding pic on the wall. Nandini said of course, why do you want to make your life a joke, we know that he married you to take revenge on me, this pic …. There is no evidence of your relationship and this KT. He throws a pic. Preeti asks what you do. He saw KT and Nandini this wedding pic. He said only I was in his heart and mind, he would throw you away immediately. He’s tear pic. Preeta gets angry. Nandini said KT loved me. Preeti says no, he hates you. Nandini said only irritated her. Preeti says hatred, he wanted to forget you. Nandini says he got me close, how he is going to forget me, to think, he got me here by reason Arjun. Preeti say

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