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Wedding Planners Monday 20th December 2021:The Episode begins with Preeti saying we need to know why she needs to wed you following 17 years, for what reason does she need to seek retribution on you. Nandini says I need to deliver a major retribution on KT, I need to make him frantic in my affection, I will let him know that I have come to swindle you, I will reveal my mysterious which he can’t endure, this time he will not get discouraged, this time he will end it all and end his life. Preeti asks did you know the individual with whom Nandini will flee.

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KT says Ravi, he was my dearest companion, my adoration and my kinship, the two of them wounded me. KT says I figured Nandini can’t be faithful to Ravi, it was past the point of no return, I had reviled Nandini from my heart that she won’t ever get her adoration. Nandini says Ravi and I was unable to remain cheerful, your revile had harmed his heart, he transformed, he used to

frantically love me, your revile had projected a terrible sight on my connection, you grabbed my joy, Ravi changed and just gave me tears, he began loathing me, he turned into a lush as a result of you, he was in responsibility that he broke his closest companion’s marriage, he left focusing on me and himself, he ended it all and finished himself, its as a result of you, you grabbed my Ravi from me, you grabbed my bliss, you will pay for it.

Wedding Planners Monday 20th December 2021:KT says Ravi ended it all, don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred between them that he had kicked the bucket. Nandini says I would rather not keep any connection with him, I simply need retribution, I approached my thought process. Preeti says perhaps she kept Arjun with her to contact you. Nandini consumes KT’s pics. She says I will inundate Ravi’s remains the day when I will drench KT’s remains, I had pledged that KT will likewise take his life, he will likewise bite the dust like Ravi, then, at that point, my vengeance will be satisfied. Preeti says I won’t allow Nandini to prevail in her arrangements, I guarantee I will make her out of your life.

Neil comes to Kusum’s home. He says I have come to say that I will wed Priyanka today itself, Kushala has fixed my union in a rich family, if it’s not too much trouble, support me. Kusum stresses. Nandini shocks KT by putting his film banners. She says its an important day, your film finished 25 years, we kept a little festival today. KT says its 25 years, I neglected yet you remember everything. Nandini says I recollect even the easily overlooked details, you got an honor for this film. He says thanks to her. He says this is genuine affection. Preeti looks on. KT says she came following 17 years, however she recollects what happened 25 years back. He says Preeti is my significant other, she didn’t see any of my film. Nandini says its fine, she is simply imagining.

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Wedding Planners Monday 20th December 2021:She says I was educating Arjun regarding the film peak, would you be able to sanction the scene once, he can know your enchanted still works. He says I don’t figure its great to see. Preeti thinks its her arrangement. Arjun says I need to see your acting, please. Kushala says KT, its fine. KT sits ordering the scene. He composes his self destruction note. He yells no, I can’t give my life for a young lady, I got cheated, for what reason would I lose my heart for that miscreant. Everybody applauds him. Nandini sees the self destruction note. She thinks expresses gratitude toward KT, you composed your self destruction note. Preeti figures what does Nandini need to do. Everybody embraces KT. Nandini sees Preeti. She goes to pick the letter. She makes Arjun tumble down. Everybody surges. Nandini picks the letter and conceals it. She thinks I got the self destruction letter, I need to urge KT to end it all. She asks Arjun is he fine. She takes him.

KT says we need to cause Nandini to concede her arrangement, assuming we spike her beverage, then, at that point, she can tell her arrangement. Nandini becomes inebriated. She says you need to know my mystery, you knew KT that he ended it all. Preeti looks on.


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