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Wedding Planners Monday 27th December 2021:The Episode begins with KT saying Preeti and I have acknowledged Arjun as my child, he will forever be our child, simply a few papers can’t demolish our connection, your game is finished, Nandini. Neil gets the police. Nandini gets captured. Kushala says this lady shouldn’t be seen around my child, remove her. Preeti says I let you know that mangalsutra and sindoor strength won’t allow anything to happen to KT, you are consuming in the retribution fire, this is your end. KT requests that Nandini go, don’t return of all time. Nandini says our story isn’t finished, I m Nandini, I won’t allow you to neglect. Police removes her.

Tarun sits with his consumed hand. Preeti sees him and hurries to him. She embraces him. She asks what was the need to do this. Tarun says you remained quiet to save me, Failed to help you, father’s childhood didn’t allow me to regard you, assuming that Kusum didn’t call me today, then, at that point, I would have not reached here, I have consistently misconstrued you and gotten rowdy, you generally cherished me, I got an opportunity to atone. Preeti cries. Everybody looks on.

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Tarun says pardon me for one final time. Preeti says I got my lost child back. Arjun says I did what mother told me, I upset you, however you attempted to join me with KT, who does this for a vagrant. Preeti says don’t say this word once more, you’re not a vagrant, KT and I are your folks. Arjun embraces her. She says my destiny lucked out, I got both my children today. KT says we have two children. Kushala cries. Sneha says the two of them don’t have Tibrewal blood, what will you do now.

Wedding Planners Monday 27th December 2021: and Preeti return home. Kushala stops them. She says don’t make a stride inside the house. KT asks what happened mother, for what reason can’t Preeti come in. Neelima says she can’t come in without Grahpravesh. They all grin. Sneha asks truly. Kushala says OK, get aarti plate. She says I was against Preeti previously, I didn’t acknowledge her ever, yet today Preeti saved KT from death, I acknowledge you as my bahu, you are the person who is made for KT, you care for him like a spouse does. Shivraj says great that Saas and Bahu are holding. Sneha says right. KT says when Preeti came here, Grahpravesh wasn’t done, sorry for that evening when I wasn’t here, however I m with Preeti today, we will make another beginning. Kushala does their Grahpravesh. Preeti goes into the house and gets gifts. She asks would i be able to call you Maa now. Kushala says no, Maa and Sasumaa, it sounds working class, call me mother, acknowledge my high society rules. Preeti says mother. Kushala asks do you recollect, you needed to head off to some place, your visa has come, proceed to plan for special first night, you ought to go to Switzerland and hang out, remain for quite some time, return with an uplifting news. KT sees Preeti. He requests that Kushala make his fav food today. She says sure.

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Tarun attempts to take meds. Rati says you have made me your medical caretaker. She blows up on him and inquires as to for what reason did you act courageous, for what reason did you race to your mum when Kusum called, you broke your hand, request that your mum compensation costs for a medical attendant. He says its simply a day. She says call your mum here, she is partaking in her life, we are battling, did she contemplate us, she doesn’t give any cash. He requests that she stop it. She says she had caught KT, else what’s her status. He slaps her. He chides her and requests that she pick up regarding his mum.

He gets Preeti’s call. She asks are you fine. He says OK, I will fix everything, deal with KT and yourself. She says fare thee well. Arjun comes to Kushala. Kushala says you can move to visitor room. KT comes and inquires as to why. Kushala says Neil’s tests are coming, he ought to get his room back, he can concentrate on well. KT says no need, Neil is gotten comfortable that room, he will not be agreeable to change room once more, Arjun will remain there. He requests that Arjun proceed to get ready for school fest. Kushala calls Preeti. She says you can go with KT on wedding trip, Nandini is gone everlastingly now, you generally upheld KT, start another life. Kushala says I have more expectation from you than KT, you have the strength that can make this current connection’s establishment much solid, nobody can break it.

Wedding Planners Monday 27th December 2021:Preeti grins and says sure. Kushala goes. Preeti comes to her room. KT requests that she come. He says I was hanging tight for you, I planned to accomplish something. He shows Nandini’s pics and recollections. He says when you planned to give Nandini’s couple of things on puja day, I was stirred up, I wasn’t prepared to dispose of the past, however presently I got free. He places the things in a container. He says I feel light presently, on account of you, we will consume these things. She grins. He gets her effects and says it ought to be in the pantry. He says I ought to have given you perfect spot in this room, house, family and my life, sorry, I got late.

Everybody plays Antakshari. Preeti says it’s anything but a melody, yet my sentiments. She sings Tujh mein rab dikhta hai… . KT takes a gander at her. She holds his hand.


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