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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Monday 29th November 2021:The Episode starts with Neelima saying Neil is coming. KT asks what, he is doing MBA, what about his classes. Neelima says he is coming for your sake. KT says my baby brother is coming, Chachi would be happy. Madhu says yes. Arjun calls KT and says please come, Preeti is hurt. KT is shocked. He says I m coming. He says Preeti got hurt, I have to go. Madhu says he worries for Preeti a lot.

Wedding Planners Monday 29th November 2021:Neelima goes. KT comes to see Preeti. Arjun says she has a fracture. Preeti says I m fine, I can walk. KT says you are a superwoman, you can jump also, go home and take rest, I will manage this. She says you said… He says that’s cancel, focus what I m saying, I will handle it. Arjun says really, then mom and you can go for shopping. KT says yes, I will first drop Preeti home. He takes Preeti. He asks Preeti

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to give her hand. Preeti says no, I will try to get up. She tries. Nandini gets angry. KT says we have much work, I have to drop you home, give me your hand else I will lift you. She holds his hand. Nandini throws a vase down. They turn to see. She picks it. KT takes her. She gets angry and says I didn’t like it. Arjun asks what happened. She says Kt will be mine.

KT brings Preeti home. Juhi asks what happened. Preeti sits. Juhi goes to get haldi milk. KT asks Preeti to lift her leg. He says remember what doctor said, don’t put pressure on leg, have the pain killers, not on empty stomach, I have to take Arjun and his mom for shopping. She says sorry. He says its last project, we will finish it some how. She says we can do it well, I respect you more after you told about your past, I want to say something. He says it was a weak moment, I thought it was wrong, it was not needed, this is our last project, we should keep it professional, if we make it personal, it will be painful, call me if you need help. He goes.

Amit stops the car. Priyanka asks why did you stop the car. He says don’t you think we are away. He holds her hand. She recalls Kusum’s words. She says no Amit. He asks what happened, we are going to marry. She says I can’t do this before marriage. He asks why, you got close to married Tarun, not your fiance, what’s wrong with me. She asks what are you saying. He asks what wrong did I say, I will drop you. She says I won’t go with you, I will go by walk. He leaves.

A guy sees her and says well done. She looks at him. Kusum comes home and sees Preeti. She gives her medicines. Preeti says please don’t be upset, KT is also upset, forgive me. Kusum says I hate tears Preeti. She asks Preeti to have juice.

Preeti hugs her and cries. She asks what happened to your hand. Kusum says there are many wild cats in the market. She tells what happened. She shows Nandini’s pic. Preeti says she is Nandini, she is KT’s wife. Kusum asks what, she… Preeti says yes, she is here.

The guy says kudos yo you girl, such guys deserve this, I was here to attend a call, I heard that, sorry, can I drop you home. She says no thank you. He says fine, I will be with you, I m a gentleman, I can’t leave you alone here. She asks him to go. He follows her. KT says we have to take sherwani measurements, if your dad doesn’t come. Arjun says no, he has to come, dad has to listen to his son. KT says I m sure your dad will come.

Nandini tells something. Arjun says mom is saying dad is just like you, size and measurements will be right. KT thinks. Preeti says Nandini has hurt KT a lot, he loved her a lot, she had cheated him and ran away, Kusum if we unite KT and Nandini, then he will get peace, I want to calm his inner storm. Kusum says no, I have seen that woman’s bad soul, she broke my kalash and threatened me, you want to unite her with KT again.

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Wedding Planners Monday 29th November 2021:Preeti says yes, they should meet so that KT questions her, so that he vents his anger. Kusum says fine, make them meet, how will we find her. Preeti says internet, I know her name, you have her pic, we will find her. Kusum says you are talking like KT. Preeti thinks. Ik tara….plays…

Preeti and Kusum go and meet Nandini. Kusum says you broke KT’s heart 17 years back, I will call him, he will talk to you. KT comes. Nandini gets worried.


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