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Wedding Planners Monday 3rd January 2022: The Episode begins with Preeti asking Tarun and Juhi for what valid reason did they come here. Juhi says Kushala called us here. Preeti gets some information about it. Kushala says I figured your youngsters can clarify you, you need to go on an off-base way. She shows the legal documents. She says Preeti is taking separation from KT. Tarun asks however for what valid reason. Juhi asks is it right, for what reason did you choose it. Kushala says she needs to leave all the delight, since she isn’t getting the delight of adoration, she feels we as a whole and KT don’t cherish her, clarify her, KT is keeping her glad, she is getting fellowship, warmth and regard, we additionally acknowledged her as family, we generally needed her to be content, it’s anything but motivation to break the marriage, individuals don’t get hitched in this age, Lord allowed you another opportunity, what else do you need, you got an old buddy in KT. Preeti says I need love. Everybody looks on.

Preeti says I realize KT gave me everything, I feel empty, I can’t remain here. Kushala asks what are you saying, 90% marriage are without adoration, half without shared agreement and regard, you are getting everything aside from affection, I m stunned to know it, I generally accepted that you will keep every one of the relations, you are breaking your own connection, why. Shivraj says I have consistently seen a desire for bliss for my child, what happened today. Kushala says I don’t allow you to break this connection, track down ways of keeping this connection. Preeti cries and goes to her room. KT comes. Preeti says I don’t comprehend a certain something, how did mother got to be familiar with our separation, how could she get legal documents, just you, Kusum and me knew this. KT kept the papers in the magazine to show to Kushala. She gets stunned and gets some information about it. KT says Preeti figures I don’t cherish her, there isn’t anything left in our marriage, kindly clarify her. She says I won’t release Preeti anyplace. KT sees Preeti and figures I won’t release you away from me and Shaadi mubarak.

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Its morning, Kushala contends with Preeti. Shivraj says I didn’t expect this from you, I concur with Kushala. Preeti gets miserable. Preeti says I didn’t expect to make you everything miserable, I didn’t realize that our separation matter will come out this way, its an important day for us, Shaadi mubarak will coordinate a major wedding, our monetary issue will end, then, at that point, we will sit and talk. Kushala says you need to alter your perspective. Preeti says attempt to comprehend. Kushala says center around taking care of your concern, not on separate. Priyanka becomes furious and sufficiently yells, its an individual matter for a couple to choose, you can’t sincerely shakedown Preeti to alter her perspective. Preeti requests that she get peaceful. Priyanka says you tried to avoid Preeti and needed her to go, you were prepared to acknowledge Nandini and Arjun, since you acknowledged her, you need her to remain back, adoration is demon in a marriage, you generally cherished your child, did you care for Preeti’s satisfaction, if it’s not too much trouble, comprehend, its a critical choice of her life, its her freedoms.

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Wedding Planners Monday 3rd January 2022: Kushala says this young lady gets rowdy a great deal. Preeti says I m sorry. Priyanka says no compelling reason to say sorry for coming clean, I needed us to remain cheerful here, I won’t allow you to think twice about satisfaction, for what reason will I lady compromise consistently, you reserve an option to choose it, assuming there is no adoration in your marriage, then, at that point, they will comprehend that nobody has an option to tell you. KT adequately says, you are crossing your limits, my family is childish, no, they love Preeti and need her to remain back, for what reason are you making an issue of our marriage. Priyanka says sorry, I had seen you holding legal documents under the magazine to show Kushala, you have made it an issue yourself. She saw KT keeping the papers. Preeti takes a gander at KT. Priyanka says I heard you enlightening Kushala regarding the marriage, you made the matter against Preeti, on the off chance that this choice was shared, for what reason did you get this matter out, you didn’t give her regard, for what reason did you do this. KT asks what are you saying. Preeti cries and goes.

Wedding Planners Monday 3rd January 2022: KT follows Preeti. He says I realize our legal documents shouldn’t have come before mother, I m sorry, say something, admonish me, I committed an error, ask me for what reason did I do this. She takes her sack. He says I will tell you, I needed the family to come down on you to stop you, you didn’t pay attention to me, you can get the separation, yet don’t leave Shaadi mubarak, pay attention to me, what do you need me to say. She leaves. He asks how will I deal with stop you.

KT admits his affection to Preeti. She leaves in the transport.


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